why won't it stop raining?

It rained all of June, legit. Now that it's July, I really hope the weather will turn around. It's still been raining so far though. BLEH!!!

Rain makes me tired...so I do a lot of sleeping. Today Jeff and I decided to go to Providence, Rhode Island to go shopping. Really random. We went to Providence Place, and got food at Popeye's, which was a bit disappointing. We walked around all three floors, but that was disappointing as well. The selection of stores were the same as anywhere around here, but the stores itself weren't as great. I'll stick to shopping here from now on. But it was still fun!

It's Independence Day on Saturday. Or July 4th, if you prefer. I'm going to New York tomorrow with my family. I hope the weather there is a bit better.

And on that cue, I need to go pack.


photo - cobra snake

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