blog birthday

As the year comes to an end, it also signifies the anniversary of my blog! Although I haven't been posting much lately, I still want to wish it a happy birthday. So here's to two years of writing random nonsense to appease myself, and hoping that I'll be blogging for many years to come!




long time no post

Hiiii there! It's been a while time since I've posted, hasn't it?
Life was busy with finals, and then there was the holidays - hope everyone had as great a Christmas as I did :)

The truth is...I've been cheating on Blogger with Tumblr.
Yes, although I do love blogging here, I find it easier to post random, short things on Tumblr.
So I'll be saving long posts for Blogger, and have simple updates on Tumblr.

Next post coming up (hopefully soon!) will be about Christmas gifts, so watch out for that!
Have a great winter break everyone~



two and a half

The other day was Jeff and I's two and a half year anniversary, so we used that as an excuse to have an evening out for ourselves. We've been kinda busy with school and work, but this was a much-needed break!

We got up kind of late but nonetheless went to spend the evening at Harvard Sq, since we haven't been in a while. I dragged him to the usual shops - Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc. where I picked up a cute shirt and some nail polishes! Jeff also got me a more gifts for Christmas, but I already know what they are! He just refuses to give it to me until the day of. I'm such a lucky girl <3

After shopping around, we had dinner at Border Cafe, which was like a Tex-Mex restaurant. I've been there once before back in the day with my high school friends. It kinda felt like we were down south, like in Mexico! I'm not a big fan of Mexican food but it's okay once in a while.

To end the night, we decided to catch a movie. There seems to be nothing really good out, so we saw The Social Network. It's been out for a while...there were about 8 people in the theater! Haha.

Finals start tomorrow for my university - but mine's not until Monday. Phew. I gotta study TONS though!



crunch time

It's the last week of classes. I am SO not ready. I feel like I say this in every single post, but I just get so overwhelmed cause I procrastinate so much and it stresses me out. I bring it upon myself, I know. Maybe this weekend should have contained more schoolwork, but I did help my boyfriend out with his. Now I need to focus focus FOCUS!

How do you guys stay motivated? I lack motivation.


photo - hedi slimane


going broke was never this much fun

Have you ever been reading and can't stop smiling cause the book is so cute but then you look like an idiot in public? Well that's what I felt like today. Out of sheer boredom yesterday I decided to read the copy of Confessions of a Shopaholic lying around in my sister's room. I read it before bed, and then I kept reading it before class today until I was finished. Then I started to stream the movie from Netflix onto my phone! I haven't read a chick lit book (let alone any other book) in forever, and now I'm itching to get my hands on the next book. I really don't know why I never tried this series before...I'm a sucker for this stuff.

There's my little paragraph for the day.
Enjoy Friday tomorrow :)



hello december

I really cannot believe it's December already. Where did November go? But now that it's officially the holiday season, it's time to start thinking about...CHRISTMAS!!

The tree needs to be put up and decorated, and my Christmas shopping needs to be done. But while we're on the topic of presents...what's on your wishlist? I'm wishing for a new laptop and just heaps of clothes/accessories/cosmetics - you know, the usual ;)

The best part about Christmas for me is that my birthday is a week later! Can't wait for the festivities~


photos - nasty gal


girls just wanna have fun

I'm currently watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show right now!!
If you're not, I suggest you turn on the television right away.
Or just watch this really cute video of the VS models lip-syncing.



1. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales this year?
I really should have, but I didn't end up doing much shopping at all. If you read my weekend recap post, you'll see that I only bought two things that weren't even discounted. I was tempted by Cyber Monday as well, but didn't feel like browsing and wasting more money.

2. What do you think about pigmented blushes?
I like them. I don't like it when blush doesn't show up. Of course, that might just be my own eyes cause sometimes I think it looks subtle and my boyfriend goes, "YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!"

3. What was the first thing you drank today?
I think it was Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango juice. I was really thirsty and just downed the whole thing.

4. Blackberry or iPhone?
Well, I have an iPhone right now. I've never owned a Blackberry so I don't know which one is better. But I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon. I feel that I would only have a Blackberry if I needed it for work.

5. What do you think about floral perfumes?
If it smells nice, then yay. But I don't like anything too strong or granny-scented.

6. What's your least favorite color?
Maybe like...poop brown or moss green. Haha, IDK.

7. What's your favorite brush to apply blush?
For powders, just any fluffy brush that's the right size for my cheek. For like cream blushes, I like using my fingers or sometimes a stippling brush.

8. What's on your desk right now?
A heart-shaped vanity mirror, lint roller, two pairs of sunglasses, writing utensil holder, lamp, random key chains, bottle of water and a folder of school stuff. (I don't really do work on it, can you tell?)

9. Thigh-high boots, yay or nay?
It really depends on how you wear it. And the size of the heel. They can easily turn from stylish to slutty, haha.

10.What do you think of glittery nail polishes?
Fun! And festive, that's why I wear them during the holiday season ;D




Lady Gaga looks like she could be on top of a Christmas tree. Hehe.



weekend recap

It was a much needed extended holiday weekend. But tomorrow a new week begins and there's about three weeks left until the end of the semester and I'M SCARED. Please give me strength in this time of high stress...but onto a mini recap!

Friday. Our fobtastic friends decided to go to Wrentham for midnight Black Friday shopping, but Jeff and I didn't feel like making the hour long drive there. Instead we stayed up the whole night and decided to go the the mall last minute at 5am with my sister. Stopped by Target, Forever21, etc. but all I bought was some facial cleansing wipes and a headband. After, we had breakfast at Tresca's and then slept from 8 to 4...woke up to go to work haha!

Saturday. We have a bad habit of sleeping late and waking late on the weekends because of our work schedule. So that's pretty much all we did.

Sunday. Stayed in the whole day, with the exception of getting ice cream at midnight. Woke up in the afternoon, ate some homemade bun bo hue and watched football for a little before taking a two hour nap haha! Had some pizza for dinner and lounged around the rest of the day trying to deny that tomorrow is Monday...

I should have taken advantage of all the Black Friday deals going on, but I'm far too lazy!



gobble gobble

This is kind of a strange Thanksgiving. It's the first year that my extended family hasn't gathered at our house. Instead everyone is kind of doing their own thing, since my parents/sisters are going to a concert and visiting friends in Connecticut. Since my boyfriend's family isn't doing much either, we decided to host a Thanksgiving at my house with a few international friends who have never celebrated it before~

We're waiting for the turkey to be finished at the moment. Hopefully it'll be tasty since we had no idea how to cook it!!

Stuff yourselves silly people :D




The other day I went through all of my blog entries because I was bored. I kinda miss writing nonsense entries about my day. The reason I don't really do it anymore is because nothing interesting happens to me on a day to day basis, and that no one is really interested in reading those anyways. But whatever! I'll do what makes me happy :)

Well today I had class and then went home and took a nap until dinner time. Then I did some homework while watching reruns on the CW. That is all. But who's excited for Thanksgiving?



"are those mini strawberries?"

So a blog entry about the friend's birthday dinner on Friday night. The restaurant of choice was a steakhouse, One Eleven Chophouse (or 111 Chophouse). It was pretty nice inside, and the food was decent. I only say decent because it's comparable to what you would find at any other steakhouse, but a tad more pricey. Jeff and I ordered the lobster bisque, calamari, and we both had ribeye steaks. We also surprised the birthday boy with a cake from Cold Stone Creamery, which was yummy. But I was too full so I didn't finish my slice...

After dinner, we all went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. I thought it would be pretty packed, but while it was still full, there weren't any hard core fans. I guess that's Worcester for ya. I totally forgot what happened in the last two movies. This movie wasn't AMAZING though. I'm not a Harry Potter fanatic, so I haven't read all the books. I kept expecting something huge to happen but every time I was disappointed. Maybe in Part Two? We'll just have to wait and see.

On a side note, Jeff and I always seem to miss fights at the restaurant when we skip work. Someone got smashed in the face with a can of soda. Ouch.



closet crisis

Tomorrow I'm going to a fancy steakhouse for a birthday dinner. BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. I've practically teared my closet apart inside out, but nothing seems to fit the occasion! If only I could do some last minute shopping...

Will probably end up wearing one of the many LBDs I own. If only I had a fur coat to make it look more fabulous. See how great Isabeli & Rosie look? I'll have to make to with my stole.


photos - icanteachyouhowtodoit/fashion gone rogue


vive la france

Of course I have to post this - Wildfox Couture's Spring 2011 Lookbook, inspired by Marie Antoinette! Their lookbooks always make me wanna get all dressed up and have random photoshoots. And their tees are always so cute!

See the rest on the Wildfox blog


photos - i love wildfox

the best things come in small packages

Went to Mindado for dinner the other day, but when we discovered that the wait was gonna be nearly an hour long, I dragged Jeff into Ulta next door and picked out a small bunch of things :)

OPI Nail Lacuqer in Fiercly Fiona and Rumple's Wiggin'

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer To Go in Tan Medium

New York Color Blushable Creme Stick in Berry New Yorker and Plaza Pink

Burt's Bees A Bit of Burt's in Mango and Pomegranate

Smashbox The Perfect Smoky Eye Kit



"did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

Excuse the cheesy pick-up line. I've done a bunch of posts on the VS Fashion Shows in the past, therefore I am running out of witty titles! So these are some backstage photos from none other than photographer Tommy Ton, who also covered the show last year for style.com. I'm very happy to see some of my favorite models returning to the runway this year :)

How many days until the 30th?


photos - style.com


a little retail therapy

A little blogging before bed~

I know American Apparel is suffering and all right now, but that's better for us who now get to buy their stuff for 50% online!! I ordered from two different sales on Swirl, which is another one of those sites similar to GiltGroupe and HauteLook.

My gets: Dolman Sleeve Hoody, Leggings & Crop Leggings, Printed Double-U Mini Dress, and Rib Raglan.

I really like ASOS. However, shipping from the UK is a pain in the ARSE. Not only does it take about a month to get here, but twice I've had problems with my orders. The first time my package was lost in the mail so they had to send me another one. This time, my order was wrong and they sent me someone else's shoes. I originally ordered a really cute pair of leopard-print flats but now they're out of stock so they have to refund my order instead :(

These were the shoes they sent me - I would consider keeping them if they were my size!

And I finally got my ViVi magazines. I haven't read it in like two months! The November one came with this fuzzy pouch thing that reminds me of the dust thingys in Spririted Away! I don't what I could keep in it except my camera. It's really soft though so I like petting it.



shine on

I've been reluctant to try out the whole maxi skirt trend, but I love these sparkly ones.
You know I'm a sucker for anything shiny.


photos -style.com


i can see your halo

It was the Victoria's Secret Fashion show tonight in NYC! I love all the sparkle and glamour, and hope that my favorite models will be there. But since the most of the world will have to wait until November 30 to see it on TV, I'm going to share these photos of last year's looks.

Well, there will probably be photos online tomorrow so stay tuned ;)