1. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales this year?
I really should have, but I didn't end up doing much shopping at all. If you read my weekend recap post, you'll see that I only bought two things that weren't even discounted. I was tempted by Cyber Monday as well, but didn't feel like browsing and wasting more money.

2. What do you think about pigmented blushes?
I like them. I don't like it when blush doesn't show up. Of course, that might just be my own eyes cause sometimes I think it looks subtle and my boyfriend goes, "YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN!"

3. What was the first thing you drank today?
I think it was Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango juice. I was really thirsty and just downed the whole thing.

4. Blackberry or iPhone?
Well, I have an iPhone right now. I've never owned a Blackberry so I don't know which one is better. But I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon. I feel that I would only have a Blackberry if I needed it for work.

5. What do you think about floral perfumes?
If it smells nice, then yay. But I don't like anything too strong or granny-scented.

6. What's your least favorite color?
Maybe like...poop brown or moss green. Haha, IDK.

7. What's your favorite brush to apply blush?
For powders, just any fluffy brush that's the right size for my cheek. For like cream blushes, I like using my fingers or sometimes a stippling brush.

8. What's on your desk right now?
A heart-shaped vanity mirror, lint roller, two pairs of sunglasses, writing utensil holder, lamp, random key chains, bottle of water and a folder of school stuff. (I don't really do work on it, can you tell?)

9. Thigh-high boots, yay or nay?
It really depends on how you wear it. And the size of the heel. They can easily turn from stylish to slutty, haha.

10.What do you think of glittery nail polishes?
Fun! And festive, that's why I wear them during the holiday season ;D


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