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It's the late afternoon and I have some downtime so I thought I'd show everyone my dorm room! It's nothing special, but instead pretty ordinary.

This is my area of the room. I live in a triple, so I have two roommates. We each have a lofted bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a dresser.

My desk area is pretty plain right now. I'm going to decorate it more someday and make it more personal.

And this is the view from our room. The sun shines on the field in the morning and it looks really nice. A great way to wake up!

Well, that's that. I went to matriculation today; it was kind of boring but not too long, thankfully. And then there was SPLASH, where all the clubs and organizations
and such set up tables at the field. They handed out a bunch of free stuff. I then had lunch with my friend Rachel, who went to my high school and is also attending BU. We hung out in her room for a little before I treked all across campus back to my dorm at West.

Tomorrow is going to be a free day. And then classes start Wednesday. Eeks!


all moved in

I wanted to write a long, extensive entry about the last couple days. But I think that's going to have to wait until later because my roommates are going to sleep soon and I don't have the patience right now. It's been a long day...

I PROMISE there will be a good post soon with personal photos.

Tomorrow we have to get up early for a freshman matriculation ceremony. Ugh!



evacute the dance floor

Here is a little short update as I take a break from packing.

Yes, PACKING!! Tomorrow is the day I finally move into my dorm. And I put off packing until the last minute, as usual. Right now, it consists of me dumping clothes into a suitcase, hoping that it will all fit so I don't have to actually fold them. But it looks like I will have to make room.

It kind of sucks that the weekend is gonna be crappy rainy weather. Today I went with Jeff to drop some things off at his dorm (or suite, to be more correct). Then we decided to go shopping at Wrentham because I wanted to see their American Apparel. I got a purple poplin dress and a dark grey skirt.

My family celebrated my grandfather's 70th birthday today too. Tomorrow we're gonna celebrate it again, but at a restaurant.

Actually, today was full of bad luck. My dad's new scooter got stolen, along with his bunch of keys that were inside it. We got trapped in the pouring rain, and got a parking ticket.

Things will get better though, right? That's how it always is.

I should get back to packing. I don't want to stay up all night!


photo - cobra snake



[Hermes Birkin]

I think I'm in a blogging rut or something.

I don't really know what to write about these days.

Summer is ending soon. I don't know if I should be happy or sad, so I'm feeling both.

Isn't that a gorgeous bag? One day...


photo - jak & jil



This was written two days ago but I just posted it now...

I have a bad memory so when I wait to update about the weekend, my brain kind of mushes up. It's because I usually get home late and am too tired to write. And I also haven't been taking many photos so sorry if the posts are bland.

On Friday, Jeff and I went to eat dim sum, since it's been a while since. After that, it was time to shop. We walked around Newbury Street and the Prudential Mall for a little bit. Jeff bought me a tote from Marc by Marc Jacobs and he bought a suit jacket from H&M. I also picked up a brush cleanser from MAC.

That evening, we met up with some of my best friends from high school. We are all leaving for college soon, so we wanted to get together. We ate Chinese food in a playground and then got ice cream sundaes at Friendly's before running through the parking lot in shopping carts and sitting in Best Buy before it closed. It was like the first time I'd seen them all summer!

Saturday was Jeff's 19th birthday! We went to eat dim sum again
with his brothers. Then I was being lazy so I slept in his bed while he cleaned his room. Yes, I suck. Later, we decided to go to the mall before we went to eat at Minado's for dinner. I get full too easily for buffets.

Yesterday, Sunday, was pretty much a lazy day. We watched a lot of TV (The Italian Job, Harry Potter, ABDC) and went grocery shopping for unhealthy packaged foods. It was still good though. Hehe.

It is my last week of work and then on Saturday, I move into my dorm. I can't wait. Still have a little dorm shopping to do though.



I love these Alexander McQueen booties.

Every time I see them at Nordstrom, I die a little inside.


The toe polish is a nice contrast too.


photo - jak & jil

get me out of here

There is about one more week until I move into my college dorm, and I have to say that I absolutely cannot f***ing wait.

I really despise it here sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of posts, and then this angry one.



american apparel

Some items that are currently on my to-buy list.
I do still have that gift card...


P.S. I've been feeling kind of shitty lately, so excuse my lack of posts.


what's cooking?

I went to walk around the square with my sister since it was nice out and we don't hang out that often. When we were both still in high school, we would walk to CVS and Starbucks everyday after school and buy drinks and magazines. We did exactly that!

We browsed the magazines and then went to Starbucks where we sat outside in the sweltering heat. I had some walnut banana bread, but I don't like walnuts so I fed them to the birds.

I decided to cook dinner for Jeff because I've never cooked before...sad, really. It was nothing special - just pasta and mashed potatoes. It was supposed to be a surprise but he got out of work early and showed up. So he helped me finish and we ate before watching the new episode of ABDC.

Now it's Monday and I'm at work...hungry, too.



on the agenda

It looks nice out today. I haven't left the house yet, but that's what the sun is telling me. If I didn't already have plans today, I would suggest going to the beach. I want to go once more before summer is over!!

I think we are going on another excursion to IKEA today. I want to buy dorm things and such. It's a hassle to get there...hopefully there aren't tons of people. But it is Saturday.

It's also my childhood friend's going away party. She's going to California for college, so she's having a barbecue-type thing. I'm going to feel really awkward though, cause I don't know any of her friends.

This feels weird. I'm eating breakfast. It's more like brunch now but yeah, it feels strange.


photo - cobra snake


feeling hungry

Another week, done. The weekend is here!

The weather was rainy for a couple days but the sun is shining today. And I'm doing absolutely nothing...

I haven't spent this much time sitting at home for a while. It's really boring. I go on the computer, watch TV, and eat. Not that there is much to choose from. I should go grocery shopping with my mom...really craving snack foods.

Just waiting for Jeff to get out of work now.


photo - hand it over


to myself

Dear Shirley,

Can you believe that there are only three more weeks until you are officially a college student? It may seem like a long time, but you know how fast time passes when you're having fun. And even when you're not, it still seems to go by pretty quickly. But there is still so much to do. May I write you a little reminder list?

  • pay tuition
  • buy remaining textbooks
  • make doctor's appointment
  • dorm shopping
  • start packing (?)
Of course, BU is only 15 minutes away from home. So if you forget anything, it won't be such a big deal. Hell, you'll probably be home every couple weeks anyways!

I cannot wait for you to start what will be the beginning of the rest of your life. Hopefully you picked the right school (so your mom stops giving you hell for not choosing Brandeis!).


[Orientation - 6/11/09]


I love these photographs. They're soft, sensual, sweet - and very pink.


photos - the girl who tamed the tiger


reunited & it feels so good

When I went to Harvard Square yesterday with Jeff, we stopped by The Gap. There was this dress I've wanted for a while by Vena Cava, but I didn't want to buy it at its retail price of $88. So I waited. But I couldn't find that particular dress anywhere, and I pretty much gave up on it. However, Jeff, being the persistent guy he is, asked a sales associate if they had any left. They didn't, but she called the other stores and the Copley Gap still had one left in my size!! So we put it on hold.

Today before Jeff dropped me off at work, I went to the Copley Mall to pick up the dress. I was really excited about it - it was on sale for $29.97!! And when the sales guy rang it up - it came out to be $17.98 cause all sale items were 40% off. It literally made my day.

[A sneak peek]

I love my boyfriend.




Woke up. Went back to sleep at Jeff's. Woke up again. Went to the mall. Ate Indian food. Bought a shirt. Accidentally ripped my little toenail. Read magazines at bookstore. Bought a magazine. Ate at Chili's. Rented a movie. Read new magazine with Jeff. Watched movie. Stayed up too late on the computer.

Woke up. Cleaned the house. Nose bleed. Bought bubble tea @ Lollicup.W ent to the mall. Feet killed. Another new magazine. Lusted after shoes. Rented another movie. Watched the movie. Family dinner. Late-night trip to Target. Ran after Jeff multiple times. Bought three bags of chips. Ate one bag of chips. Fell asleep with Jeff.

Woke up. Serenaded by Jeff. Trip to Harvard Square. Bubble tea & Connect Four. Supermarket stop. Rented another movie. Watched movie. Ate dinner. Watched scary kidnapping cases. Season premiere of America's Best Dance Crew. Watched my sister sing karaoke. Annoyed by my laptop.

[goofing off in Borders]

My weekend in fragments.



the girl from oz

Here's another summery editorial I want to share, even though this one is a bit older (from Vogue UK July 2006).

And I love Gemma Ward as well. She hasn't really been around lately, huh?


photos - tFS


my new glasses

So today I walked around the Arsenal with my younger sister while waiting for Jeff to get out of work. Even though it's the worst mall in the history of man. I didn't find anything good (big surprise), but then I spotted these geeky glasses! I've mentioned I wanted a pair a while back, but kept hesitating because they looked kind of awkward on me. But these were only $3, so I didn't hold back!

Don't I look extra nerdy?



enchanting hawaii

I love this editorial of Anna Selezneva from Vogue China. I'm guessing it was shot in Hawaii? This only makes me wish I was away on a tropical island even more.

Just a couple photos because most of them are two-pagers so it's annoying:


photos - tFS


shhhh it's a secret

The new concealer that I ordered came in. It's the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (in SC-3) , which has two shades that you can customize to your skin tone. I haven't tried it yet because it looks so smooth and untouched. But soon enough.

I desperately want to go dorm shopping. Even though I don't need much, it's fun to arrange and decorate.


in recent news...

Work is really boring. There is absolutely nothing to do, even with access to the internet. One more month and it's bye-bye work, hello college!!

I don't have much to blog about and I'm feeling a bit lazy so here are just some photos:

[Lobster & shrimp nachos? Not as good as it sounds.]

[The sunset one night - there's BU on the left!]

[A cool salt shaker at the Nordstrom Cafe]

[Organic udon found at C-Mart]

[Jeff brings me dinner everyday - this was yesterday's]


[My new ViVi with Ayu on the cover]

I promise I'll have better updates soon.




I went shopping with Jeff yesterday, and we browsed the magazine section of Barnes & Noble before we left. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a magazine addict. I discovered L'Officiel Paris, which I never cared to look at before. But Mischa Barton was on the cover, and that intrigued me given her recent hospitalization...

I really liked her editorial on the inside, so I thought I'd share. It's very "paparazzi-like". Apparently she's going to be on a new show on the CW this fall, "The Beautiful Life". It's a models and the fashion world. I saw some previews and her character has a little drug addiction problem...? How come she always plays the pretty girl with problems? Maybe because she has some of her own.

I was a big fan of The OC and Mischa, so I hope she gets better.




My parents bought a new car today. Not for me though, unfortunately. But that's fine with me, since I can't really drive yet. My mom just decided to get another car because my sister has her license now. So I spent four hours in a car dealership being really bored.

The faster I learn how to drive, the quicker I can take it around for a drive!

HI, Jeffrey.


photo - hedi slimane