in recent news...

Work is really boring. There is absolutely nothing to do, even with access to the internet. One more month and it's bye-bye work, hello college!!

I don't have much to blog about and I'm feeling a bit lazy so here are just some photos:

[Lobster & shrimp nachos? Not as good as it sounds.]

[The sunset one night - there's BU on the left!]

[A cool salt shaker at the Nordstrom Cafe]

[Organic udon found at C-Mart]

[Jeff brings me dinner everyday - this was yesterday's]


[My new ViVi with Ayu on the cover]

I promise I'll have better updates soon.



  1. oh my goodness. i have been having the biggest craving for nachos and that photo at the top does not help!!

  2. Wow !! your BF is so nice to bring you dinner everyday =]


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