I haven't been following Alexa that much since her show ended, but I do like these two photos.

1) I want her tan (and Mulberry Alexa bag)!!!!

2) L'Officiel Paris



in the meantime

1) I love my new clutch
2) Maybelline Colossal & Imju Fiberwig
3) Sephora Sun Safety Kit
4) Sweet August 2010



recovery mode

Just been hanging around, waiting for the moment to come when I can eat anything I want again. Because this whole liquid/mushy diet isn't working for me.


photos - nasty gal



I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed today. I don't even remember a thing cause I was knocked out. It was a pretty kooky feeling. Plus side right now is that it doesn't really hurt; it's just sore. I can't open my mouth very wide or chew...so I'm probably gonna lose a couple pounds from all this liquidy food. Congee and jello are all I've eaten!

I can totally do this for a week or two...



teddy bear

I bet everyone had that one beloved childhood toy.



do you?

We went to the wedding of Jeff's cousin today, which was held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Arrived earlier than we meant to, so we wandered awkwardly waiting for people we know to arrive while camera-whoring. I hadn't been to a non-traditional Asian wedding since I was really young. After tonight, Jeff and I decided that the normal chinky weddings were more fun.

First we were led into the Grand Ballroom and the bride & groom recited their vows and such. We were then led into a different room where hor d'oeuveres were served and a line formed at the open bar. It seemed like we were in there forever...cause my feet started to ache from standing in heels. But then we finally sat down back the the ballroom that actually connected to the second room. Is that confusing? I guess they took a while to set up. The courses were a lobster bisque, steak (or salmon), and then the wedding cake for dessert. They were all mediocre...I kind of hyped up the whole thing for myself.

Time to share some photos - I didn't take that many though:

Next wedding? Jeff's brother in the fall!!



get happy

Isn't this pullover cute? Reminds me of Wildfox Couture and WC's smiley shirts.


h&m love

1) lace shorts i adore
2) assortment of tanks/tees
3) faux hair bow
4) shades
5) lace dress for wedding - sneak peek!



native heart neon light love child wildfox

I tend to have an obsessive personality. Jeff says it as well. As of the moment, I'm drooling over Wildfox Couture's tees and jumpers. I just found out there was a sale on Hautelook and I've been on the site ever since, contemplating whether or not to buy something. Wish I'd discovered it sooner cause a lot of good stuff/stuff in my size is gone. While I continue to obsess, enjoy these photos by Mark the Cobra Snake of the resort campaign.



heat wave

The heat is unbearable without AC, or at the very least, a fan. On Tuesday, the restaurant was without power because the whole town shut down for three hours! I think it was because of the heat. There was no way to cook food, and it was just so hot...

The same day after working, Jeff and I decided to go bowling cause we hadn't in a very long time. We were the only ones bowling (since it was like 2 am), which was pretty great. Still waiting to go to the beach though!!

I'm sweating bullets right now. Jeff isn't getting the hint that I want to turn the ac on..he's too busy watching anime.



red white and blue

A little late here, but happy Fourth of July/Independence Day to all you Americans (or even if you're not!). Celebrated the US of A's birthday with what else but a barbecue? So we helped ourselves to some grilled food and then for some reason decided to head out to Target...but I got myself a new magazine & razor/sunscreen/shaving cream set in the process. We then headed over to Jeff's relatives' house for another bbq. We checked out the local carnival where he bought me a Lady Gaga-esque disco stick and attempted to win me a goldfish. Then the whole family parked their lawn chairs in the front yard and watched the fireworks show with a front row view.

And Jeff also insisted we light a couple of our own fireworks in an empty parking lot. We had to be stealth, since they're not legal in Massachusetts...

Until next time!


photo - the cobra snake