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We went to the wedding of Jeff's cousin today, which was held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Arrived earlier than we meant to, so we wandered awkwardly waiting for people we know to arrive while camera-whoring. I hadn't been to a non-traditional Asian wedding since I was really young. After tonight, Jeff and I decided that the normal chinky weddings were more fun.

First we were led into the Grand Ballroom and the bride & groom recited their vows and such. We were then led into a different room where hor d'oeuveres were served and a line formed at the open bar. It seemed like we were in there forever...cause my feet started to ache from standing in heels. But then we finally sat down back the the ballroom that actually connected to the second room. Is that confusing? I guess they took a while to set up. The courses were a lobster bisque, steak (or salmon), and then the wedding cake for dessert. They were all mediocre...I kind of hyped up the whole thing for myself.

Time to share some photos - I didn't take that many though:

Next wedding? Jeff's brother in the fall!!


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  1. You look so good in that dress and the food looks delicious! Can't wait til I finally get the chance to attend a fancy wedding!


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