the end is near

I'm being overdramatic, but summer is nearly over and it makes me a little depressed. Jeff has to move into his dorm this weekend and then his classes start. I don't go back to school until September, but it's still sad because we won't be free to do whatever we like as much! Many people usually can't wait to go back to college - I could wait forever. Sigh.

Today I went out shopping with Jeff,his mother, brother and his fiancée. I refrained from buying anything (other than a pomegranate lemonade). I need to save up for Missoni for Target anyways, hehe. We all went to Minado's for dinner and it was good although we were just there two days ago. It was funny though, we bumped into Jeff's cousin (once removed) and one of the chefs from the restaurant with family!

After dinner we were on the way home and all decided to go to BJ's for some food shopping. I decided to get the book One Day because I've been meaning to read it and wanted to before I went to see the movie. Apparently, BJ's had pink Hunter rain boots for sale? I was tempted to get them but I already have rain boots...but I held back! We went to Target afterwards where I just picked up some facial cleansing wipes and Jeff got some stuff for his dorm.

You know what else I just realized? My title could be taken as the approaching Hurricane Irene on the east coast. I really hope it won't be that bad, but it would be interesting to see a hurricane in real life. Stay safe everyone!



via instagram

I know I said that I had a bunch of stuff to share, but the truth is that I'm too lazy to write a whole bunch of entries, and I honestly don't remember what happened when. So, I'm going to post photos I've taken through the iPhone app Instagram (follow me if you have an account, shirleyyy)! You can kind of put together what I've been up to, I suppose~



hello all

How was everyone's weekend? Lovely, I hope!
I have several things I want to post about, but today is Jeff's 21st birthday (woot woot) so I'll be a bit distracted and busy! But do expect some posts later on this week :)



rainy days

Wow, I'm actually posting two days in a row! But sorry to disappoint, I don't have much to share. I wish it would stop raining because I would really like to go out and enjoy summer before it comes to an end. Today Jeff and I went out to dinner with the extended family. And then we caught a late showing of Rise of the Planet of the Apes afterwards. It was a good movie, but pretty basic. Though I'm a little scared to go near a zoo now!

Wishing everyone a good week now in case I don't end up posting for a while...



tax-free weekend

On Saturday, Ebisuya Market was having a little festival so Jeff and I got up early and dropped by! It wasn't anything big, but they were selling some yummy goodies like takoyaki, snow cones, and cotton candy. We bought a lot of it...haha...and then some more random foods from the market itself. Went shopping for a little bit afterwards hoping that maybe there'll be some good tax-free weekend sales, but I didn't find anything I really liked. We ate at American Joe's, which was kind of a bad idea considering that it was right before dinner at my grandparent's! But I forced myself to eat both meals - I was so full.

Today, Jeff and I went shopping again and left empty handed again. Oh well, I'm trying to save money nowadays. We ate at Wasabi, the new restaurant that opened at the Natick Collection. Jeff was really excited about it, and it ended up disappointing. The sushi wasn't all that great; it tasted like any other sushi you could get at the supermarket. But the service was beyond horrible. Yes, they were understaffed, but nonetheless, sucky. We did a lot of grocery shopping after and piled up on food.

I'm in a blehhh mood, don't really want to do anything~



chain mail croc bag

I'm kind of in love with this bag from StyleStalker.
Not available quite yet, but pre-order here.



dolly wink

I've been meaning to blog about my new Dolly Wink eyeliners, but I've been a bit lazy. I haven't been blogging all that much lately because I haven't been shopping - besides that and work, I basically just sit around all day and watch shows. It's the sad truth.

Anyways, I purchased the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner last year when it first came out because the packaging was adorable and I heard good things about it. So when mine started to die out, I was very upset. So Jeff decided to surprise me and bought a new one for me online - but he bought the regular eyeliner, not the liquid one! He went back online and then bought me the limited-edition liquid one, which has a hot pink exterior as opposed to the original light pink :)

It's my favorite liquid eyeliner ever, so I highly recommend it! It's too bad it's a little difficult to find. The pencil one is okay, but not something I would repurchase.



brights on the beach

I love brights.




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