the end is near

I'm being overdramatic, but summer is nearly over and it makes me a little depressed. Jeff has to move into his dorm this weekend and then his classes start. I don't go back to school until September, but it's still sad because we won't be free to do whatever we like as much! Many people usually can't wait to go back to college - I could wait forever. Sigh.

Today I went out shopping with Jeff,his mother, brother and his fiancée. I refrained from buying anything (other than a pomegranate lemonade). I need to save up for Missoni for Target anyways, hehe. We all went to Minado's for dinner and it was good although we were just there two days ago. It was funny though, we bumped into Jeff's cousin (once removed) and one of the chefs from the restaurant with family!

After dinner we were on the way home and all decided to go to BJ's for some food shopping. I decided to get the book One Day because I've been meaning to read it and wanted to before I went to see the movie. Apparently, BJ's had pink Hunter rain boots for sale? I was tempted to get them but I already have rain boots...but I held back! We went to Target afterwards where I just picked up some facial cleansing wipes and Jeff got some stuff for his dorm.

You know what else I just realized? My title could be taken as the approaching Hurricane Irene on the east coast. I really hope it won't be that bad, but it would be interesting to see a hurricane in real life. Stay safe everyone!


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