save it for a rainy day

First entry from the new MacBook! How exciting it is to blog from a computer that runs smoothly for once. No more freezing and lagging - yay!

Today, Jeff and I decided to go to Legacy Place - kind of a bad idea at first because it was raining and it's more of a plaza. But it didn't last too long! We went to Borders because they're closing down, but I was disappointed because it wasn't much of a sale yet. Books were only 10%. Magazines were 40% but most of the good ones were gone. I ended up getting a mini calendar and one book. Also we went to Urban Outfitters and I bought a couple of nail polishes because I'm addicted. I'm trying to buy shades that I don't have though! I got a bright purple and a nude color.

We went to eat at the Le's at the Atrium Mall, which I've never been before and I can see why. There's very little stores. Browsed a couple places, and then at Second Time Around I saw a pair of YSL Curvy Platform Pumps for like less than $300!! I really wanted to buy them, but I controlled myself since we just bought a new laptop. Sigh.

After eating we drove back the Legacy Place to see Captain America at the movie theater. Eh, it was okay, not the best Marvel movie.

How is everyone's week going?



go west, young cowgirl

As I'm sure you've all noticed, this summer has been HOT. I wish it was easier to go to the beach from here! Well, just thought I'd share Wildfox Couture's first swimwear collection - I love everything of theirs :)



bright summer days

I've been being lazy and putting off blogging, but just thought I'd share a couple things I've bought the last couple days. Jeff and I went to Harvard Square the other day and I was controlling my spending pretty well. But Jeff always has to be an enabler! So I just picked up three of American Apparel's neon nail polishes. I like their nail polishes because they have cool colors and relatively inexpensive! Got the three warm colors - neon red, neon orange, and neon yellow! I'm wearing the neon red on my toes right now (you'll see below)!

Yesterday I went in search for a pair of sandals. I was having no luck online with two pairs I really wanted - both sold out of my size and the color I wanted. Jeff was being a hardass about making me buy a pair of sandals because he hates to hear me complain...haha! So I went to find this pair that I saw at Nordstrom's a while ago I quite liked. They were on sale online, but they didn't have them at the store. But then I remembered I also saw them at 344, so I went there - and just my luck! They were even on sale for $40, down from $60 :)



chocolate love

I feel like I haven't been shopping in forever, when in actuality it's probably only been about a week! Our schedule doesn't work with regular mall hours, haha. But I got to make a quick mall run today because Jeff got out of class early.

First thing I got was the Charlotte Island body tint from Lush. I've come to the sad realization that conventional tanning in the sun isn't for me. My skin is extremely sensitive to both the sun and sunscreen. What's up with that?! I like being tan but I'm not a big fan of regular self-tanners because they smell and Jeff always complains. So I decided to buy this body tint! The only thing is that it's only a tint, so it washes off in the shower. I guess it's better than smelling like nasty tanner - it smells like chocolate!

Another thing I got were these nose pore strips from F21 - I had already picked up two tank tops and was standing in the checkout line when I saw them. Jeff and I decided to get them for fun because they were a chocolate scent and more well-priced than other pore strips. Hopefully they work!




The long weekend has been over for a couple days, but I will still blog about it and and then some! On Independence Day, my family had a BBQ of course! Jeff and I stayed there for a bit before deciding to go see a movie. In the years past we would go to his relatives' house that is situated right in front of a park that lights fireworks, but we decided to skip it this year. We went to see Monte Carlo, just for Leighton Meester. It was an okay movie - I could tell Jeff didn't enjoy it very much! It' okay, we compromise on the movies :)

Yesterday, Jeff and I seized the opportunity to go the beach again! After much weather checking the past couple weeks, it was going to be the hottest day we'll see in a while at 92 degrees! I wish my skin wasn't so sensitive to sunlight or else I could enjoy it more, but I always appreciate a nice beach day. We lounged in the sand for a bit and then jumped into the cold ocean when the heat got unbearable. And then we had a nice lunch at Brown's! I didn't take any pictures on the beach though because I left my iPhone in the car for security reasons. Food pictures are always available for you guys though!

I am suffering the consequences of yesterday's activities today with the redness everywhere. Thank goodness for makeup that conceals it!



rosie posie

I love Rosie Huntington-Whitely's candid style.
She wears maxis very well, and has great taste in bags!




Hello, hello!

Today I went to see Transformers : Dark of the Moon with Jeff! I remember I didn't really like the second one because there was too much transformer fighting action going on, but I think this one has a good balance of action and...humans? I might be bias because I like Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Her acting wasn't bad, so that was a relief! The movie was really long though. Like 2 1/2 hours! My butt always hurts after sitting through a movie.

Of course after we went to eat and decided on Italian, since we've been having a lot of Asian cuisine lately. Jeff's favorite, Fiorella's, was still under renovations so we decided to try another place, but they were closed for vacation or something! So we were just like let's go to Bertucci's. We haven't had very pleasant experiences there in the past (bad service and mediocre food). This time the food was still disappointing....service was still meh...so never again. I posted some photos even though it look kinda nasty.

I put a shopping ban on myself so don't expect too many purchase entries :(