I went to Target yesterday because I really wanted to get out of the house.

Here's a random review of two things I bought from Maybelline:

Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

I've been looking for a good inexpensive concealer to cover up my sleep-deprived eyes. I read some good reviews on this one, so I gave it a try. I think I got it for around $8? I was impressed with this one! It was very liquid-y and sheer, but still provided good coverage. I also liked the highlighter it came with, which really brightened my eyes. Hooray!!

XXL Volume & Length Washable Microfiber Mascara
I bought this one a whim because it was on sale for $5. It has a primer on one side, and the mascara on the other. Though it wasn't a bad mascara, it wasn't anything special either. It lengthened, but I didn't really see any volume. I tried it without the primer o
n one eye and with it on the other, but there wasn't much of a difference. Overall, a good basic mascara.

I have no homework today since the semester is ending tomorrow. So I'm watching a Chinese drama called When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West.

It's Friday tomorrow! Lots of Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend.



snow day

So I actually did end up having a snow day. How shocking, considering that we never do since our superintendent is from Vermont and snowstorms here don't compare. I woke up, looked out the window and there wasn't even that much snow. I was expecting to have school until I checked the school closings...and then I went back to bed. I ended waking back up at around 10:30.

But it was such a boring day. I sat at home all day on the computer and talking on the phone with my boyfriend. That was pretty much it...

[I want a real money tree...]



ring, ring

Here I am again, procrastinating to the max. But I am hoping with all my heart that there will be a snow day tomorrow. I could use a day to just relax after midterms. Today doesn't count with this memoir I have to write for my contemporary literature class.

I took this photo yesterday when I was at my grandparent's. I was in a rush and forgot to bring my iPod, which entertains me a bit. But I had my camera so I just took random photos. The phone in the front is mine, the LG Venus. And my sister's pink Motorola Razr is behind there, which actually used to be mine. My sister just lost her phone the Razr is its replacement, haha. She hates pink. But I love pink <3>

[I need to get a new charm]

Random, but I've been looking to buy a gel eyeliner because I've heard they work and look a lot better than pencil and liquid. Pencil doesn't stay on very well and liquid is very harsh looking. I was reviewing the different brands and decided I would get the M.A.C Fluidline. Yeah, I get distracted very easily when I do schoolwork.

[Not in purple though]

I should get back to that memoir.

Please snow.



year of the ox

Happy Chinese New Year!! 新年快乐!! I hope everyone had a good one, regardless whether or not they follow the lunar calendar. I celebrated by waking up to a vegetarian breakfast and then had dinner at my grandmother's. Even though the festivities are just starting, I've gotten quite a few red envelopes already. I love how Christmas, my birthday, and Chinese New Year all follow one after another. Roll in the cash $$$, haha.

[CNY Eve]

[CNY 2009]

I think my midterms went pretty well today. Actually, I didn't end up presenting in Spanish because I forgot to save the PowerPoint as the old version, which the school doesn't have. Yeah, Vista doesn't work unless I convert it. So I'll be going on Wednesday, during class. If we don't have a snow day (crosses fingers!). And my statistics test was fairly straightforward. I was fretting about not studying enough, but I'm sure I go at least an A-.

But one more day of midterms: tomorrow I have AP Psychology, and then String Ensemble rehearsal. I have some major studying to do, as no one tries in that class but she still gives us a ton of work. But after it's all over, I'm going to Harvard Square to hang out and eat lunch as a super late birthday thing with my friends from school. Yay!

[My sister Kathy and me]



chinese new year's eve

I've spent the whole day at home. It's Chinese New Year's Eve, so my mom has been doing a lot of cooking. And I, have been sitting here doing my Spanish project. But getting distracted about every 10 seconds. A PowerPoint should not take this long, as Jeff said to me. He came over before and helped me a bit. His presence actually helps since when he's watching me, I won't stray to other sites...

We ate pretty early, which is good because it feels like I still got some time left in the day. My grandparents were here and so were the cousins. There was a lot of food but it didn't seem as good as the previous years. Maybe I've grown out of the traditional Chinese food. Oh no!

On a side note, I've developed a fascination for Lady Gaga. I really liked "Just Dance" before it became uber popular, and right now I can't stop listening to "Poker Face". Near the end of the video, she has this really cute hair bow. I attempted it, but my hair is too short. Fail. And I'm no good with hair anyways. I just comb it.

Argh I have to get back to my project!!



dust & mags

It was kind of a tiring day. I woke up around 10, and there were little birds on my windowsill!! They were adorable, so I attempted to take a photo. But they kept flying away so I just caught them in a bush.

After cleaning my mess of a room and other parts of the house, my boyfriend Jeff came over and along with my younger sister Kathy, we went to Harvard Sq. There, we met up with my older sister Judy who just got out of work. We looked around a bit, but I didn't buy anything. Well, Jeff bought me this really cool phone that's shaped like a pair of lips from Urban Outfitters. I'll post a picture of it when I get it all set up.

Then we went to Porter Sq, aka my favorite place in the world. Just kidding. I just look forward to getting my issue of ViVi every month. I got that, and also picked up a copy of JELLY magazine. I've never bought it before, but what the heck. It's actually a good read. But nothing beats ViVi.

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow...Sundays are kind of a downer. I have to do my Spanish project that's for my midterm and study for Statistics too. Two more days of midterms, I can make it!



supermarket trip

Chinese New Year is coming up - Year of the Ox. I'm so excited. Too bad I can't take the day off from school because I have midterms. Poo.

Well today I went to Chinatown with my mom and we went to the Chinese supermarket to start prepping for the new year!! I picked up some stuff for myself as well.

[how the Chinese organize in the supermarket]

[random magazines & jelly candy]

I also stopped by Panera Bread with my boyfriend afterwards to eat some broccoli cheddar soup. It was in a bread bowl - adorable!! I don't really like the bread because they use sour dough but the soup was delicious...

Tomorrow is the dreaded day I have to clean entire house. But after that, I'm going to go shopping!!



a trip to the library

I stopped by the public library on my way home today. Usually, I tend to stay away from there because it is infested with emo middle-schoolers. (I'm being totally serious here!). But I didn't have much work to do today since tomorrow is the start of midterms...so why not? For such a small-town, the library has great selection.

Some of the stuff I borrowed: Nana, Gossip Girl: The Carlyles, and The Ultimated Scholarship Book. I don't read much manga (graphic novels) but Nana is one of my favorite series. And I hate to admit I like Gossip Girl. But I do!! And I got the scholarship book because my mom has been on my case about scholarships. With midterms coming up, I think I'll have some spare time to read when I'm not studying!!



hot winter nights

On Saturday night, I was at Mohegan Sun for the AVP (association of volleyball proffesionals) "Hot Winter Nights" Tour!! My older sister found tickets for it a while back and thought it would be fun if all three of us (sisters) went together. We all play/played volleyball in high school, so we love the sport. Oh how I miss it.

Basically it was a mini tournament kind of thing. Men and women professional beach volleyba
ll players playing volleyball. I don't like beach volleyball as much as court/team volleyball, but it was still fun to watch. My sister and I wanted to practice a bit the next day for fun, but then it ended up snowing!!

We got a picture and autograph with Sean Rosenthal, who playe din the Beijing 2008 Olympics!! How exciting it that?

[My older sister Judy, Sean Rosenthal, Me]

[Our autographed merchandise]

[Blurry jump picture, haha. My younger sister Kathy, Me, & Judy]




I was finishing up my college applications today. One of my colleges had an option of uploading a photo of yourself. I was looking through all my photos, wondering which one I should send in. And I decided on this photo of my mommy and I.

I remember that day, June 9, 2008, I think it was. It was the day of my junior cruise, and after weeks of shopping, I finally found a dress I liked!! When my eyes laid on this BCBG Max Azria lace beauty, I convinced my mom to buy it for me.

That was a fun night. Lots of dancing and sweating!! I only hope prom will be even better.




Write something between the “[ ]” to complete the sentence.

Right now the time is [4:00 PM].
My name is [Shirley].
I live in the state of [Massachusetts].
[Eva] is/are my best friend(s) and we met [in 2nd grade].
My first pet was a [rabbit] named [Licorice].
My hair is [black] and [boring].
I was born in 19[91].
I am taller than [5’3"].
My eyes are [brown] and I [am okay with] them.
I wear [up or down] everyday.
I listen to [Japanese] music.
My birthday is in [12] months.
I am [happy] around people.
My best friend would say I am [unpredictable].
I [check the time] when I first wake up.
Right now I’m wearing a [white shirt] and [my volleyball sweatpants].
I [sing] in the shower.
I graduate(d) in the year [2009].
There is [junk] in my refrigerator right now.
My shoes are size [6].
I own [many] hooded sweatshirts.
I wake up at [7:00 AM] to go to school or work.
I [love] dancing.
I am good at [editing spelling & grammar].
I used to play with [dirt & worms] as a kid.
I went to [school and the mall] yesterday.
I’m feeling [lazy] right now.
Right now the time is [4:04 PM].


black lace

I had planned to finally get my senior portraits done for the yearbook. But it was sadly, another fail. I'll probably end up taking one myself. Oh well.

So when that didn't end up happening, I walked around the mall with my mom for a bit. There were plenty of winter sales to make room for the new spring stuff coming (heart!). She bought me this lace dress from Banana Republic:

I'm not sure when I'd wear it, but I'll be sure to post up a pic when I do.

I am online way too much. Reading blogs & blogging in general. I need to focus!! My college applications are all due in exactly TWO DAYS. No blogging for me tomorrow.



college applications

Senior year has a lot more work than I expected it to. Maybe because it's all coming down at once. But soon it will be a lighter load, when I am finished with all this college stuff!! I am the most horrible procrastinator. My final deadlines are this Thursdays - and I have 5 more supplements to complete. I better get cracking...

Yet I am blogging. How ironic of me. I just feel like doing a complete review of all my colleges...

Boston College
BC is my dream school. But there is a very small chance I will be accepted, as I am not Catholic and none of my family members are BC alumni. Only a miracle would gain me entrance!!

Boston University
One of my top choices. I love Boston and don't want to go away!! But I am afraid BU is too big and too city for me. And it'd really help if I knew what I wanted to study.

Brandeis University
I don't even want to go to Brandeis. My mom is making me apply. I'm not getting in anyways!!

Bryn Mawr College
My only out-of-state school in Pennsylvania. Bryn Mawr is one of my several all-girl schools. My mom wants me to stay in Massachusetts, so there is a very small chance I'd go.

Simmons College
I consider this one of my safeties, as it should be fairly simple for me to get accepted. I don't really want to go here though. Also all-girls.

Smith College
Another one of my all-girl schools! I think this may be too far away from the city for me.

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
UMass is another safety for me, but I'm not really considering going there. It's like in the m
iddle of nowhere, and way too big. My mom thinks I should think about it because it is a state school and would be good financially.

Wellesley College
My last all-girls school and the hardest one to get into. I think Hillary Clinton is an alum. Yeah, not getting in but used to be one of my dream schools.

Wheaton College
Also one of my first choices. My worries about going here though is that it's too small and too far away from Boston. But it is close to Providence. We'll see.

Let's fast forward to April right now. It's going to be so nerve-wrecking waiting for all those letters...



my new haircut

Today was a lazy Sunday with not much productivity. But I got my hair cut today. It's more like a trim, because there isn't a drastic change.

[Before & After]

I think I'm stuck in a hair rut. But I do like it. Next time, I vow to try something new - much shorter or bangs anyone?


18 candles - part III

I went out for dinner with a couple friends, my sisters, and my boyfriend last night. We went to Kaya, a Korean-Japanese restaurant. We got to sit in a little private room which was very cute. It required us to take our shoes off and had sliding doors. I forgot to take a picture of it though...

We basically ordered a bunch of Korean BBQ for the grill on the table, and then some other things like sushi and noodles. The food and everything was good, but the service sucked. Oh well.

The sign is illuminated but it says Kaya. I think it used to be a temple or something...

Yummy spider maki :]

Vegetable croquette?

Some strange side dishes I just picked at.

Grilling all sorts of meats.

The cutest little rice pot.




Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with some friends as a birthday celebration with them. It was supposed to be a surprise as to where, but I accidently found out. Even though no one's going to see this (or get me this stuff), I'm going to post some things I would like to recieve as gifts:

American Apparel Double U Long Sleeve Mini Dress in black
I recently became addicted to A
merican Apparel. All of their basics are staples in any closet. This could be the little black dress every girl should have.

American Tri-Blend Long Sleeve V-Neck in athletic grey
I've wanted a grey sweater for a while and this one's cute. It looks warm and cozy.

American Apparel Le Sac Dress in navy
This dress is so cool! It comes in lots of colors and it can be worn a number of different ways. Awesome.

Apple iPod Touch
I have an old hot pink Nano, but I didn't really care about getting a new one. Until now. I want to be able to go on Blogger and Twitter while I'm in school!

Juicy Couture Choose Juicy NY Lanyard
Usually not a Juicy fan, but I've been looking for one since my old onigiri rice ball kept falling off. It's chic~

Juicy Couture Leather Shoulder Bag in buttercup yellow
I despise thos
e velour Juicy bags, but I love this leather one. It's in my favorite color too!!

Marc Jacobs Rubber Boot
s in black w/ pink lining
Rainboots are a necessity when it's wet outside. I can't wear my Uggs and Minnetonkas everyday!

Minnetonka Tramper Hi Boots in brown suede
Speaking of Minnetonkas, these are the pair I originally wanted like 2 years ago. I have black mini ones and black fringe ones but I need shoes that aren't black, haha.

Sony Vaio CS in cosmopolitan pink
I'm going to ask for this from my parents as a graduation present. But isn't it pretty?

I wonder what gifts I will get...



i fail

Whoever read my previous entry knows I'm on a "no-swearing" experiment.

I did it for the first time today and I failed already.

The ironic thing is that I was actually in my psychology class when it happened. My teacher was out, so she left us a bunch of work to do. I took one look at the endless questions and said "What the f***?!?!" And then I thought to myself, "Oh sh**. I swore!"

And now I'm online, despite my supposed daily punishment. I don't think this is going to work. I swear (well, you know) I will not swear anymore. Cause I just can't live without blogging.

[I need a pic in every post, so here's an oldie from my plane trip to China 4.08]



i (will not) swear

In my psychology class, we are currently studying how humans learn. As a side experiment, all the students (and my teacher too) are choosing something they want to change. For a period of time, we're going to try to change that behavior. I am going to stop swearing!!

Now, I don't really care that I swear. I don't think I'm that bad off, like those people who feel the need to drop the f-bomb every other word they say. But my mom gives me that look whenever I swear and my boyfriend said I had a "potty-mouth" the other night.

In order for this to work, my teacher said we must come up with: a daily reward, a daily punishment, a final reward, and a final punishment. For my dailies, I decided that if I swore, I cannot go online to read my favorite blogs (gasp!). And the finals are buying myself something nice or giving away money to a friend. I'm going to have to stick with words like "drat".




a gift for myself

So about three weeks ago I ordered the photobook of my favorite ViVi model, Marie. (ViVi is my fave Japanese fashion magazine). It was intended as a Christmas/birthday present for myself, as I rarely purchase anything. I've looked for it everywhere and I finally found a way to get it!! It finally came today, the day after my birthday.

[Marie at the release of her photobook, 6/20/08, also her 21st birthday!]

[Me & Marie]

Now if only I could read Japanese...


18 candles - part II

Today was my actual birthday!! How exciting; I'm finally 18 and "legal". Oh yay. I can buy cigarettes, porn, and lottery tickets, because of course I want all of that. (Note the sarcasm). It kinda sucked having to get up and go to school after vacation. My friends decorated my locker for me, that was a plus in my day. I got more homework than I expected, but it wasn't too bad.

Jeff took me out to dinner at Shabu-Zen for this special day. I've never ate hot pot outside, so it was pretty cool. Shabu-Zen is very nice and the food was good too. It was fun to cook our own food haha. We had vegetables, beef, pork, seafood, and udon. Oh, and red bean soup for dessert. We also stopped by McDonald's after for some more dessert. I'm full...PICTURES!!

I'm never going to be a kid again!!



18 candles

I celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday with my family. Since it was the big 18, I had decided I would do something separate with my friends instead of the usual at-home party. It was nothing big, the usual Chinese food and cake.

My boyfriend and I mostly sat on the couch watching the playoffs between the Colts (his fave team) and the Chargers. He was so upset when they lost. But then we just ended up playing Taboo and Dance Dance Revolution with my sisters.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with Jeff for my actual birthday!! Sadly, I have to return to school from this Christmas break. Back to reality.