summer's never over

How I wish that were true. I start classes in a couple days and I'm not looking forward to it at all. Still have a bunch of shit to figure out too. Ugh, take me back to high school?

Enjoy these last summer days of 90 degree weather...



see you later

I find it ironic the day the sun finally comes out again, school starts. For Jeff at least. I helped him move into his dorm today, which went a lot quicker than last year because he packed fairly light this time. After that we grabbed a bite to eat at a student welcoming bbq event and checked out his friend's new apartment. I'm back at my house for the first time in a while and it's quite lonely...

Cleaned my room and preparing it for reorganization. Then I will have another thing checked off of my summer to-do list. How pathetic.


photo - nasty gal


rain rain go away

Been taking a mini vacation from work for the last few days of summer. But it's not going as planned since it's been raining nonstop for the past couple days. Guess I won't be going to the beach until next year...it's still a nice to have a break though.

Today I woke up pretty late. Last night I stayed up playing with my new iPhone, which actually came in last week but the guy called the wrong number to pick it up!! But now it's in my hands so I'm happy. I'm still waiting for the case I ordered so I'll be super extra careful with it.

Also went to a coin-op laundromat for the first time ever since the washer is still broken. We loaded all of our laundry in the extra-large washer and whilst putting in $5 of quarters, the coins slot gets jammed and we're like WTF! But then Jeff got it unstuck and it was a success. We went to CVS while waiting and left with beef jerky, magazines, and nail polish.

Had a late dinner at Shabu-Zen. We went with Jeff's mother, brother and his fiancee. I usually like hot pot but it wasn't that good tonight. Hmm.

Now I'm back online and playing with my phone, downloading and discovering a whole bunch of stuff. I'm going to be so distracted in class now.



he's no longer a teen

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, the one and only Jeffrey B.A. Lee. He turned 20 years old today!
Ironically we went shopping and he bought me a bag. Teehee.
We then went to eat at Minado's with his mom and brother/brother's gf. We went to Minado's last year too so we're thinking about making it a birthday tradition.

I love you, JBAL <3


clutching on

I have a new thing for daytime clutches. I found out today it's kind of annoying to hold on while you're trying to shop, but I'll still carry them nonetheless.


photos - stockholm streetstyle


I need a vacation from vacation.



warning: do not dance while driving

So last night Jeff and I were on our way home from work when we started dancing in the car. Jeff accidentally started swerving the car a bit and we stopped just to be safe because he noticed a car lurking behind us. He started driving a bit slower too in case it was a cop because they were being sketchy. And what do you know? One minute later he turns his blaring lights on and tells us to pull over!! Here's a little dialogue of how I remember it...

"License and registration," the cop demanded. "Where are we coming from?"


"Where's that?"

"China Star."

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"No sir."

"You were swerving and having trouble keeping in your lane. Do you know what lane markers are?"

"Yes sir."

"Have you ever been pulled over before?"

"No sir."

"Okay I'll be right back." The cop took Jeff's license and returned a few minutes later. "You don't want a $100 ticket. Make sure to stay n the lines."

"Yes sir; I'm sorry about that." We drive off and I can't help but to laugh.



just another sunday

Tax free weekend means shopping. Actually, practically every weekend means shopping. Yesterday Jeff and I went and opened a new contract and got new phones. Mine's not here yet though so I'll wait to blog about that ;)

Today was our day off so we went back to the Galleria for like the third time to see if his glasses were ready. I don't know if they just put it in the wrong place or what but they couldn't find them for the longest time. But in the end he got them, FINALLY. Jeff actually got a lot more stuff today (than I did, for once!), but I did get the jacket I wanted from H&M. It's gonna be my fall weather staple. I really don't want fall to come though...

Jeff won't stop playing with his new phone. I want mine now!!
I'm impatient, teehee.


photo - the killing moon



I don't want to think about it.

Back to school.

It just makes me depressed...can't summer last forever?




I haven't really been in the mood for blogging lately because I've been without my camera & laptop. So I don't get to take pictures to post, or post anything that I've been saving in archives. Please excuse my boring-ness. Life has just been mundane lately. I'm not complaining though; I'm dreading the day that I have to go back to school.

We were supposed to have the day off today, but things got switched around since Jeff's brother went to China. Hopefully tomorrow we get to relax (and go shopping, of course!).

My sleep schedule is going to be so out of whack too.


photos - i love wildfox



Hermes Birkin AND Chanel 2.55 in gorgeous croc?!?!!

I dieee.


photo credit - stockholm streetstyle


furniture & food

The other day (Sunday, to be exact), Jeff and I decided to go to IKEA to buy a tv stand for his new 50" plasma. I think he loves it more than he loves me! We ended up getting this one and also a new desk for my room. Spent the night putting it together, which took forever since we couldn't find all the right tools. But now it's all set up and Jeff is happily playing video games as I write this.

Jeff was craving wings that night so we went to John Brewers for their 20 cent Sunday/Monday wing night. I didn't want wings so I got chicken parm. It was funny because Jeff recognized the guy sitting at the table next to us, who was a big jerk/bully in high school. And while were eavesdropping on his date, we overheard him getting dumped. LOL.

There's my story for the week.


photo credit: boubouteatime