it's like a horror movie

Spontaneous trip to visit my love got me stuck on a train delayed an hour because of the rain. It wasn't too bad though. I spent it reading blogs, as usual.

Guess it was a bad day for a surprise visit since Jeff had a field trip to a Buddhist meditation place. But I tagged along...and drove through some very scary dark woods and Massachusetts became more rural until we arrived to this place down a narrow dirt path in the middle of nowhere. Spent the next hour sitting uncomfortably on a cushion listening to some random guy talk and forcibly trying to mediate in silence. Thank goodness we had an excuse to leave early because I couldn't take any more religious babble...no offense.

The drive back was equally frightening, as there were hardly any streetlights. But we survived. Decided to get Chipotle for a late dinner and it was very satisfying as I did not eat anything all day. Went to watch them practice their skit for the International Gala and I'll call it a night after I spend some quality time with the computer. Teeeeee.


photo - we heart it


rain buckets

I need to get better rain gear. For some reason, the hood on my rain jacket refuses to stay on in the wind. And I need to invest in a pair of rain boots. Maybe I'll buy a new umbrella too.

I really hate the feeling of wet jeans on your thighs cause it just sticks and it gets itchy. Can't wait to get out of them and into dry sweatpants...

Seriously, how much longer is the rain going to last?


photo - we heart it


nom nom nom

Food eaten in the past week - Vietnamese stuff I don't know the proper name for, chicken pho, breakfast sandwich from Starbucks, miso soup at Minado's, and lobster!


hey jill

New magazines that finally arrived: JJ, ViVi and Sweet.
Sweet came with little Jill Stuart Cafe toiletry tote.



The rules are
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your photos

2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder

3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

I'm just wasting time so here's a random game thingy. The photo is from my senior prom...not my wedding, haha. Just me posing in front of the limousine before we made our way to the Hyatt, where my prom was. I really hate my pose, now that I look at it.

Whoever's bored, you're tagged!




I originally meant to post that I would be going on a mini hiatus, but I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to keep away. I have much work to do and I'm planning on living in the library for a couple days. But you can't eat in there so probably not.

Feels like it's been a really long weekend. But I never want it to end.


photo - pepper & chips


breakfast at starbucks

I dreamed about Starbucks last night and woke up craving a frappucino. So Jeff and I went to the only Starbucks in Worcester, which has a drive-thru. I've never seen a drive-thru Starbucks before until I went to Seattle but to my surprise there was one here, teehee. We both got frappucinos and breakfast sandwiches. Even though it was like three in the afternoon...

I took photos but I don't have the camera cord so I'll probably upload them to our food blog instead :)



put it in the bag

I'm just looking for ways to procrastinate...teehee.


photos - jak & jil/stockholm street style


rainy days never stay

Rain, rain, go away. And don't come back another day. My shoes are continually soaked and the worms are popping out of the dirt.

It's only Tuesday...the day I always fall asleep in class. I had trouble falling asleep last night and morning rest was temporarily disrupted by loud roommate.

By the way, I'm planning on transferring out of BU. Applications are due very soon, so I better get on that.


photo - david shama


eye for detail

I like these two bags. One is prim, and the other is loud!


photos - style/mr. newton/stockholm street style

fresh kicks

[excuse my weird-looking feet...]

I saw these white moccasins on Jun in ViVi and just had to get them. I love how crisp the white looks. I know they'll get dirty easily (I'm not exactly the most careful person either) but I don't mind. It'll be a nice change from all the black shoes I wear. And perfect for spring!


don't get mad, get glad

Love this shirt by WC. Too bad it's been sold out for a while now. It seems like a simple DIY project though, so who knows?



wake up in the morning

On the weekends it's more like "wake up in the afternoon"...I really hate feeling like I wasted half the day by waking up at three, but in truth it's not like I would've gotten anything done anyways.

Spent the day on the computer and watching television of course. We only left the house temporarily to grab some food.

It's back to reality tomorrow - and I have a lot of things I have to get done this week. Argh!


photo - the selby


right now

I’m listening to: my boyfriend play Final Fantasy XIII.
I’m eating: assorted Japanese crackers.
I’m drinking: a bottle of Poland Springs water.
I’m working on: a new blog entry.
Later I am going t
: watching episode after episode of House.
I wish for: the school year to end immediately.
I’m looking forward to: the warm weather staying.
I hope: things will get better.


photo - coco rosa

officially springtime

I can't get enough of this weather. I went shopping today in Boston with Jeff, his sister and his mom. We went around Newbury and Prudential/Copley. Got some more things from H&M, this time a blazer and a top from The Garden Collection <3 But none of the stores have the pieces I really want yet!

After shopping, we went to Shabu-Zen (yum) for dinner. Got the usual things. I didn't bring my camera so no photos sadly...but it was all delicious.

Should try to get some work done...but I'll probably just end up procrastinating again.



bands for belmont

I went to visit Jeff today and his school was having a small benefit/charity concert for a school that was vandalized recently. His good friend was in one of them, and they were pretty good. Too bad technical difficulties kept making the microphone screech.

Studying for my psych quiz tomorrow...I need to start doing better in school!


photos - the cobra snake


soft focus

I'm loving this spring weather. Unfortunately, it's not going to last very long...


closetful of clothes

I need to get a clothing rack for my room; it's much easier than rummaging through drawers.
And I like how it looks.


photos - carolines mode, columine smille, hanna & john


st. patty's

This post has nothing at all to do with the holiday other than the fact that it was today. I didn't even remember it was St. Patrick's until I saw a sea of people on Commonwealth Ave. wearing green!

It was soo nice out today, again. I should have spent more time outside. I went to class and then back to my dorm to take a nap, and then back to class again. Did some browsing and procrastinating before going to the bookstore and grabbing new mags. Think I'll redo my nails while I watch ANTM now...


earth mother

Gisele in the latest issue of Vogue.
She looks so...earthly. I love it.


photos - tFS


bling bling

My new sparkly shoes!
They're no Christian Louboutins (see here) but I love them nonetheless.
Not exactly the most comfortable pair of footwear I own though...


smells like sping spirit

The sun is out and shining today! No more rain (for now at least).

I'm tired, but my roommates are still sleeping and I have a thing about napping when other people are napping. So I'm here in the study lounge so I don't disturb them even though I would rather be comfortable lying on my bed.

Maybe I should go take a walk since it's so nice out.


photo - the cobra snake


shoe heaven

Backstage at Miu Miu.


photo - studded hearts

raining cats & dogs

I would actually prefer if felines & canines were falling from the sky, because then my feet wouldn't be all wet. But then there might be a lot of...blood splatter.

Anyways, so the weather is crappy right when I return to school from spring break. What gives? I don't know. But at least it means that spring is coming.

I have much to get done this month..better get at it. Sorry for the pointless post.



sweet loves rinka

I just got the March issue in the mail the other day. Rinka is on the cover, and inside is a newspaper containing details of her wedding back in January. She looks so gorgeous in her wedding gown, sigh

It also came with this Rich lunch tote. I keep buying Sweet cause I like the furoku, but now I have a lot of bags I hardly ever use!