woe is me

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever gonna get myself together.
I'll never survive in the real world if I don't...but there's always something holding me back.

I hate posts like these.
But it's just in my mind so I have to get it out.



Some pretty underthings.
The first photo is random, but the rest are from Rumi's blog, Fashion Toast.
I love looking at lingerie but it seem too impractical.
That's what makes it special, I guess?


photos - fashion toast


chit chat with myself

Gosh, it's only Tuesday? Two more weeks until spring break...just have to survive midterms next week first. I'm sitting in the study lounge at my dorm because both of my roommates are sick and they're sleeping. I don't like having to lurk around in the dark and disturbing them. I'm getting kind of bored though so I don't know what to do now. I wonder if they're awake now. I've been here for two hours. I know what I will do eventually - go pick up my ViVi! It's in the mailroom so I have to go get it. But that will occupy me for at least a little bit. Can you tell I have nothing to talk about? I don't even think any of this makes that much sense.


a cobra medley

Sometimes I'm out of thoughts so I post random photos.


photos - the cobra snake


i hate mondays

They just don't work. Nothing ever seems to go right...
Hopefully it's just a temporary thing because these days need to get better!




get up 15 minutes earlier. prepare for the morning the night before. don't rely on your memory...write things down. repair things that don't work properly. make duplicate keys. say "no" more often. set priorities in your life. avoid negative people. always make copies of important papers. ask for help with jobs you dislike. break large tasks into bite-sized portions. look at problems as challenges. smile more. be prepare for rain. schedule a play time into everyday. avoid tight-fitting clothes. take a bubble bath. believe in you. visualize yourself winning. develop a sense of humor. stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day. have goals for yourself. say hello to a stranger. look up at the stars. practice breathing slowly. do brand new things. stop a bad habit. take stock of your achievements. do it today. strive for excellence, not perfection. look at a work of art. maintain your weight. plant a tree. stand up and stretch. always have a plan b. learn a new doodle. learn to meet your own needs. become a better listener. know your limitations and let others know them too. throw a paper airplane. exercise everyday. get to work early. clean out one closet. take a different route to work. leave work early (with permission). remember you always have options. quit trying to "fix" other people. get enough sleep. praise other people. relax, take each day at a time...you have the rest of your life to live.

credit: ok deal



I'm not sure where this house is located...but boy, would I love to go there!



Wildfox Couture Fall 2010 - always a favorite.



roy g. biv

Have I been going overboard with the updates? I just get bored so easily.


photos - tumblr

take me away

I wish I could transport myself to a tropical location at this very moment. But instead, I'm stuck trying to write an essay that I have no clue about.
Story of my life.
Enjoy these old photos of Anja Rubik (loveee).


photos - fashion gone rogue

brow wow

Interesting looking eyebrows backstage Erin Wasson x RVCA F/W 2010. Not sure how I feel about them.
I do like the subtly crimped hair though.


photos - the cobra snake


roses are red (and yellow & blue)

Red roses mean true love.
Yellow roses represent joy & friendship.
And blue roses are mysterious.

What is your favorite color for a rose?
Mine is white.


photos - the cobra snake & my own

the most important meal of the day

I used to not like breakfast food that much.
What the hell was I thinking?
I LOVE breakfast food!
Jeff & I went to iHOP. (So unhealthy.) They didn't have all-you-can-eat pancakes anymore...but next Tuesday is Free Pancake Day!




Just a short entry because I am probably gonna be extremely busy today.
It's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day of course.
Hope everyone has a good one for both, whether you celebrate or not!



lip service

I'm loving these lipstick shades, especially the last one.
I think it's YSL Rouge Pur in Rosy Coral.


photo - the cobra snake

thingamajig is a word on spellcheck

I'm trying to study for a quiz in my developmental psych tomorrow, but you know how it goes when you're online at the same time...
Time for some random thoughts.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen. I wasn't one of his biggest fans (only cause some of his designs scared me), but there's no denying that he was one of the most creative & innovative designers out there. I'm sure that there's going to be an empty void of creativity during this Paris Fashion Week.

Valentine's Day is Sunday...so is Chinese New Year...dilemma. Jeff and I aren't going all out this year (since he spent big $$$ last year and we're kinda broke) but we're going to do something. We just aren't sure when yet, since my family is big on CNY and I have to do all the traditional thingamajigs. I'll be sure to blog about everything when it happens though. Promise.

School sucks butt. Enough said.