this memorial day

This weekend consisted of a barbecue, a trip to the movies, and some shopping. Would you expect any less on Memorial Day weekend? We enjoyed a small BBQ at Jeff's house Sunday afternoon, and then went to see Bridesmaids that night. I didn't think I'd like it that much, but it was actually pretty funny! I did a little shopping on Monday, and also today. Some of my purchases below~

1. VS Pink shorts I got for $1 because of a $10 off coupon :)
2. I have been stocking up on socks because I plan on wearing sneakers more!
3. The two mini Benefit sets I got from Sephora.
4. Feelin' Cheeky, $15
5. "Stay Put" Set, $10

I keep saying I need to tone down the shopping...soon!



welcome to st tropez

Just a quick post for today! Jeff and I went to run a lot of errands today - sending out things at the post office, school stuff, and getting a cable box for his room. We went to the mall after and I didn't buy a single thing (except for food). I'm kinda proud of myself. However, I did pick up another new nail polish when I went to CVS later. It's Sand Tropez by Essie. (It's actually darker than it looks in the picture). Not only was it 50% off, I also had some extra CVS bucks! Yay. But I decided after I painted them that I don't really like Essie nail polish. It tends to clump together when you try to put on multiple coats...

It was pretty hot today, and I'm kinda really hot right now, but I don't mind at all :)



bits & pieces

I'll try to keep this short other than rambling on about nothing like I usually do! I went to Target again yesterday and bought this jewelry box. Jeff was complaining about how I left my earrings and necklaces lying around everywhere! So now, problem solved. I finally picked up Sugar & Spice, because I've been waiting for the paperback version to come out. I just like paperback more for travelling, and it's cheaper anyways! Also got another Revlon nail polish in the shade Guava, from CVS though because I was able to get $4 extra bucks. Haha CVS and their coupons always trick me!

Today I had work and all that good stuff, but after wards I went to Boston Bowl with Jeff, Kathy, and her boyfriend Rasild. It was like around 2 AM, and I haven't been there in forever! It was fun. I won, of course :)

I'm about to go to bed soon as it's almost 6 AM, but I'm trying to update my iPhone with Lady Gaga's new album. I rarely update it so each time I do, it takes forever. I'll let you know how awesome her new album is!




Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Mine consisted of work and a wedding! On Saturday (also known as the day the world was supposed to end...awkward), Jeff and I went to his cousin Simon's wedding reception. Can you believe that this is the fifth wedding that we've attended together in the almost three years we've been dating? And all five were from his side of the family! I wish someone from my side would get married already, haha. It was the warmest day of the week, so that was good! This wedding was actually enjoyable and entertaining; the ones in the past have been boring :P I didn't take many photos butttt here's a crappy one from my phone.

After we got back from the wedding around 11ish, we kind of just passed out! I woke up at like 3ish and couldn't go back to sleep. So Jeff and I kind of sat in bed for a while until we decided to go get dim sum at around 8. It's funny how empty it is in the morning! After eating our usuals, we went to see a Thor in Boston Common. Totally forgot that the early matinee is half off, so it was a pleasant surprise that the tickets were only $12! Movie prices are whack these days. We strolled through the park after, grabbed an Italian sausage and then stopped by H&M on Newbury St. The weather wasn't nice enough for me to want to walk around more, and I was getting tired so we went to the MicroCenter to pick up a couple things and then napped when we got back home.

Got a pair of jeans and a tank with some store credit I still had~



keeping it small

I am finally done with exams! I wish I could say summer is starting now, but I actually have so much still left to do...sigh. But for now, I'm sharing some cosmetics that I've bought recently. I'm trying not to buy new clothes since I have so much I still haven't worn...if the weather was better I would wear them! Damn you mother nature.

I bought a few things from NYX when there was a 50% off sale going online on selected products. These lipsticks were originally $4, I think, so I got them for $2 each. I tried getting colors I would normally never wear just to try, but I ended not really liking them on me...the left shade is "Lala" and the right shade is "Femme". I like the product itself though, so in the future I'll just stick to the safe shades!

This blush I also got from the same site, but it wasn't on sale. I wanted to try it though after I saw one of them YouTube people wearing it and I was like that looks really niceeee. The shade is "Terracotta"; it's a shimmery coppery bronze. I like it a lot! Oh and it was $6.

Yesterday I stopped by Target to buy one of those travel soap containers to put the bar of soap I bought from Lush in. I don't like leaving it in the shower by itself cause then it'll like dissolve when you don't even use it! I also picked up a nail polish from Revlon that was on sale. The shade is "Black Star" and it's a shimmery black. Since I don't own a black shade I was like why not? I've never bought a Revlon polish before, but the smell is like 10x worse than other polishes...I did get a coupon for $2 off another Revlon polish though! And I also picked up the new issue of People Style Watch as you can see under the polish haha.

I think that's it for now. I'm planning a American Apparel haul post once I stop feeling lazy enough to take photos. Toodles!



quick update

It's been a few days since I've last update, and I'm going to use the end of the semester as an excuse. Even though I haven't necessarily been working as hard as I should be...THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT TO DO.

Alright that's all I wanted to really say. And here's a photo from Mother's Day...I promise to have better updates once school is over!



california dreamin'

Being a procrastinator as usual.
Wishing it was summer vacation already.
That's all for today.


photos - nasty gal



I'll try to condense this as much as I can without rambling, but no guarantees...!

Thursday. I went to the orthodontist hoping that he'll finally be able to make me that new retainer, but it turns out I have to get braces again. I have already suffered for four years of braces already, and then four years of teeth freedom, but now I have them back on...it's really unfortunate. Basically, after I got my wisdom teeth out, my teeth shifted and blah blah blah so the bottom teeth are a bit crooked again. On the bright side, it's only braces on the bottom, so I can still smile without showing them off. But still, BRACES AGAIN!?! He estimates for a year and a half. FML.

Friday. I had stayed up for my orthodontist appointment, so I wasn't tired when nighttime came around. So, I decided to watch the Royal Wedding when 5 AM rolled around. I tried to force Jeff to watch with me but he got bored. Kate Middleton's (excuse me, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) was pretty in my opinion, even if it was a little plain in terms of Alexander McQueen. I liked her sister, Pippa's, dress too. The whole Middleton family is pretty good looking actually. And Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are really cute old people. I'll stop rambling.

Saturday. I went to work. Supposedly the most eventful day for most people, but not me.

Sunday. What else but shopping? I went to the Natick Mall with Jeff and his mom, got some frozen yogurt of course and picked up some new things! I got a dress, shorts, and socks from F21, and then stopped by Lush to get the lotion and soap the made specifically for Japan Relief. Jeff's mom bought another Louis Vuitton bag on impulse again...! Afterwards we all went to see Fast Five in IMAX at the Jordan's Furniture. A very good movie if you like Fast & Furious. Make sure to stay until after the credits roll ;)

On a side note, can you believe it's already May? I have so much to do before the semester ends, but it's not really sinking in!


P.S. And Osama Bin Laden is dead.