Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Mine consisted of work and a wedding! On Saturday (also known as the day the world was supposed to end...awkward), Jeff and I went to his cousin Simon's wedding reception. Can you believe that this is the fifth wedding that we've attended together in the almost three years we've been dating? And all five were from his side of the family! I wish someone from my side would get married already, haha. It was the warmest day of the week, so that was good! This wedding was actually enjoyable and entertaining; the ones in the past have been boring :P I didn't take many photos butttt here's a crappy one from my phone.

After we got back from the wedding around 11ish, we kind of just passed out! I woke up at like 3ish and couldn't go back to sleep. So Jeff and I kind of sat in bed for a while until we decided to go get dim sum at around 8. It's funny how empty it is in the morning! After eating our usuals, we went to see a Thor in Boston Common. Totally forgot that the early matinee is half off, so it was a pleasant surprise that the tickets were only $12! Movie prices are whack these days. We strolled through the park after, grabbed an Italian sausage and then stopped by H&M on Newbury St. The weather wasn't nice enough for me to want to walk around more, and I was getting tired so we went to the MicroCenter to pick up a couple things and then napped when we got back home.

Got a pair of jeans and a tank with some store credit I still had~


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  1. Wish I could pull off that shade of jeans.


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