welcome to st tropez

Just a quick post for today! Jeff and I went to run a lot of errands today - sending out things at the post office, school stuff, and getting a cable box for his room. We went to the mall after and I didn't buy a single thing (except for food). I'm kinda proud of myself. However, I did pick up another new nail polish when I went to CVS later. It's Sand Tropez by Essie. (It's actually darker than it looks in the picture). Not only was it 50% off, I also had some extra CVS bucks! Yay. But I decided after I painted them that I don't really like Essie nail polish. It tends to clump together when you try to put on multiple coats...

It was pretty hot today, and I'm kinda really hot right now, but I don't mind at all :)


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