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I'll try to keep this short other than rambling on about nothing like I usually do! I went to Target again yesterday and bought this jewelry box. Jeff was complaining about how I left my earrings and necklaces lying around everywhere! So now, problem solved. I finally picked up Sugar & Spice, because I've been waiting for the paperback version to come out. I just like paperback more for travelling, and it's cheaper anyways! Also got another Revlon nail polish in the shade Guava, from CVS though because I was able to get $4 extra bucks. Haha CVS and their coupons always trick me!

Today I had work and all that good stuff, but after wards I went to Boston Bowl with Jeff, Kathy, and her boyfriend Rasild. It was like around 2 AM, and I haven't been there in forever! It was fun. I won, of course :)

I'm about to go to bed soon as it's almost 6 AM, but I'm trying to update my iPhone with Lady Gaga's new album. I rarely update it so each time I do, it takes forever. I'll let you know how awesome her new album is!


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