day nine

Day 9 - A photo of you and your family.

Just a small portion of my extended family at my younger sister's graduation (she's behind me). My older sister Judy couldn't make it, so here's an additional photo of just the two of us.



big blue

I miss summer already.
I never got to go to the beach :(


photos - nasty gal

day eight

Day 8 - A song to match your mood. This is kind of cheating...but I'm going to see Jason Derulo at my boyfriend's school today! I'm gonna post his song, "In My Head". Nothing really to do with my mood though, haha.

Click on the photo to see the video...although I'm pretty sure you all know the song already.



neon hart

I think the blogging challenge is working. I'm actually eager to blog again. I'm sorry if all these posts are boring. So here's a little break :) I love Jessica Hart's gap teeth!


day seven

Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

I want a spring or summer wedding, outdoors. Would be amazing if I could have a location wedding somewhere tropical and have all my guests flown there. But realistically, at a beach!

Vera Wang wedding dress of course. I do love all the poufy ball gowns, but for an outdoor wedding, I'm thinking something more simple and flowy.

The wedding cake must be DELICIOUS. All the weddings I've been to have not-so-yummy cakes. They look nice, but they taste kinda weird.

Those are just the basics, and things I'm sure about. Everything else can be planned later, haha.


P.S. My dream honeymoon location is Paris or Tokyo~


day six

Day 6 - A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet.

Everyone knows my favorite animal is a hippopotamus, so I would LOVE if I could have that as a pet. Unfortunately, that's pretty much impossible unless I own a zoo or live in Africa.

Something more...domestic? A teacup piggy. So cute!



day five

Day 5 - A photograph of yourself two years ago.

Two years ago, I was starting my senior year of high school. Now I'm a sophomore in college...
I just picked one that was closest to today off Facebook. I think we were bowling with friends. I don't think I look very different!

Sorry if this blogging challenge is boring.



day four

Day 4 - Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

I know it's cheesy, but Jeff really is my best friend. This was kind of difficult because I wanted to post of photo of just him and the bazillion photos we've taken are of the both of us. Haha. It's not necessarily my favorite, but I like it because we would send each other photos while apart during college and this was one of them. He's adorable :)



day three

Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date.

I think it all depends. But it definitely needs good food and conversation.

The first date Jeff and I had consisted of ice cream and sitting outdoors on a sunny day. I think that was pretty perfect.


day two

Day 2 - A photo of something you ate today.

We had brunch at Annie's today before I went back to Boston. Just plain 'ol scrambled eggs and toast, with a side of beef hash, of course.



day one

Going to try and get back into blogging regularly with this thirty day challenge I got off Leanne!

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

I rarely bring my camera around with me anymore since I got my iPhone. Here's the most recent picture of me that I have on it, since I'm too lazy to take a photo right now and it's pretty late and I look like shit anyways. I've been taking lots of outfit pictures for fun, teehee. If anyone is even interested, my jacket/tank/boots are from H&M, skirt from American Apparel, earrings from Forever21, and bag from Wildfox Couture.

I slept over Jeff's dorm last night because my class was canceled for today. So I got to sleep in! We went to the local plaza/strip mall and got me a new laptop charger cause mine died about a week ago and I've been computer-less. Thank goodness for my iPhone! Then we had lunch at Red Robin, which was okay, but I would have been equally satisfied with fast food. Lots of lounging around after that and then Jeff had class. (Lounging means the boys play video games & I sit and read magazines/go online). Then we lounged around some more until it was dinner time and we went to Minado's along with his roommate. Stuffed ourselves silly as usual and back to the dorm we went. I'm trying to read for my writing class tomorrow but you can only read so much on animal experimentation...it's kind of depressing. Probably going to stay up a little longer and then head to bed so I can be up bright and early for the train back to Boston.



minibar magic

It's been way too long since I last blogged...I'll use school as my excuse.
I'll be back though, promise.


photos - i love wildfox



Every time I see something leopard/cheetah print, I want it. It's become a small obsession. Now on my list is a pair of leopard print shoes. Flats or oxfords?


photos - nasty gal


can't stop

I really need to either put myself on a shopping ban or get a job.
Cause all this shopping is putting a dent in both mine and Jeff's wallets.
But in the meantime...

1) Victoria's Secret Pink skirt. The lotion was free with any purchase :)
2) Zara quilted purse
3) assorted H&M tights on sale for $1 each
4) H&M and Forever 21 wedges <333
5) iPhone 4 and pink case. Loves it!



A little blogging before bed. But isn't midnight a bit early for me? If it was a regular summer night, yes, it would be. But tomorrow begins the first day of classes of my sophomore year of college. Oh boy.

I have mixed feelings about this. I despise school from the very core of my heart, and it pretty much sucks for me since last year was not my best year. On one hand though, I'm excited to start my archeology class. Haha, that's like the only thing I'm excited about.

I don't know if any of you have started school yet, but best of luck to you!
I'll need it.


photo - fashion gone rogue