78 degrees

It was so nice outside today! I didn't believe the weather report and wore tights under my skirt, but as soon I stepped outside I took them off! Well, as soon as I got to the car haha...anyways, we went for happy hour at Sole Proprietor with a couple friends, and Jeff and I ordered our usual lobster bisque and various sushi rolls. But when our bisque came out, it tasted kind of funny so we asked for them to bring it back. It would've been okay but the waitress so being rude about everything so the manager came out and apologized...and they ended up taking care of the whole bill for us! I kind of felt bad because it wasn't such a big deal but we just left them a good tip.

I wanted to stop by Target afterwards, and the guys all wanted to go to Game Stop to buy the new Mortal Kombat, so I made a super quick run and bought a foundation and sponge I've been wanting to try. Random, I know...

And then we went to Game Stop, and then Lindt...and then Cold Stone...and then we came back to the dorm where I've been procrastinating and not doing work.

I swear I'll start after this blog entry though!




a hop and skip

How was everyone's Easter weekend? I don't celebrate Easter and I have nothing against it, but it's terribly inconvenient for people who don't! So many places are closed or close super early...but nonetheless I had an okay Sunday. I ended up walking around Harvard Square for a while and then grabbing ramen for dinner with Jeff. Left empty-handed though because the stuff I was looking for at Lush was sold out :(

It's hard to believe another semester is coming to an end. It doesn't really feel like it but I should take it more seriously. UGH!




I'm so in love with these three bikinis that I've seen all over the internet, but none of them seem to be in stock! I don't really know what to call this type of print, but I guess you can call it...swirly colors. Ironic that I just bought a white eyelet bikini the other day.

Can I just go to the beach already?




Recently I've been really into maxi dresses & skirts. Sometimes I feel that it's hard for me to pull off, being somewhat short. But it doesn't stop me from loving them on other people! Case in point: Isabel Lucas at Coachella

I adore these two outfits...crochet + pink, lace + rainbow. Not to mention she's like a bohemian goddess. Yes, they're kind of typical Coachella outfits, if you know what I mean, but she looks so pretty. Her boyfriend looks like a shaggy dog though lol.

One day I'll go to Coachella...
Wish it could have been this year though; Robyn was there!



ordinary day

I'm not sure what to blog about. I guess I could write about my Sunday, per usual, but I don't have any accompanying photos this time!

Well, after we got off work, Jeff and I stayed up and then decided around 6 AM that we were hungry. So he looked up some diners and we decided to go to one we've never tried before, Wilson's Diner in Waltham. I got some pancakes and he got eggs and hash and we shared more toast and eggs and sausage and bacon. I always feel fat afterwards. It wasn't so bad this time, but I did still get a stomachache...still good though!

Went to sleep for a few hours and then went to get some lunch with Jeff's mom. We were going to get pho in Chinatown, but couldn't find any parking. Big surprise. So we just went to Le's in Allston. After eating we all went to the mall and I didn't buy a single thing. I thought about it...but I didn't. I just bought a new magazine. And then we went grocery shopping and that was my day!



conscious collection & more

I made Jeff take me to H&M first thing this morning so I could check out their Conscious Collection. We went to the Newbury Street store because they would have the best selections! I only intended on buying these scalloped shorts I really wanted, but somehow ended up with more...it's because Jeff made me. His exact words: "If you're going to drag me out first thing in the morning, you better make it worth it." Take not we hadn't slept all night yet!

So, I got a top, a tunic, two pairs of shorts, a dress, and a pair of pants. I need to stop buying things that are white and blush pink...

Oh, and while we were waiting for H&M to open, I checked out Border's next door because they were having their final closing down sale *tear*. I bought four of the teeny-bopper books I used to read - don't make fun of me. They're kind of nostalgic in a way. I started reading them when I was like a freshman and now that the series is ending I have to see what happens...plus they were 70% off!

We went to Porter Square to get ramen after. And then we went home and passed out for a good 10 hours...



spring wishlist

A few things that I have been on my wishlist lately:

Michael Kors "Bel Aire" Chornograph Watch $250
I have never been a watch person, but I love rose gold it looks really nice on this watch. I think I watch would make more look more professional, plus I wouldn't need to check my iPhone for the time!

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Eau De Toilette $70-$85
I like the scent of this better than the original Daisy perfume. The bottle is adorable too!

DV by Dolce Vita "Dakota" Sandal $59.95
I want a pair of sandals similar to these, if not these exact ones. Basically, a nude or pink colored sandal with a bow on it.

Why am I so girly? And why isn't my birthday coming up?


skin food

Foods that are good for your skin (and more)!

Blueberries and pomegranates protect your skin from fine lines and dryness, and also enhances the production of collagen. Dark chocolate help protect skin from sun damage. Spinach fight inflammation and free-radical damage and also helps speed skin cell turnover to keep skin supple. Walnuts give you smoother skin, healthier hair, brighter eyes, and stronger bones. Yogurt is good for strong nails and teeth, and also fights skin inflammation and rosacea. Tomatoes protect skin from sun damage and other environmental factors. Kiwis stimulate collagen synthesis, repairs damage to skin-cell DNA, and keeps blood vessels and hair follicles strong. Edamame (and other soy foods) can ease inflammation and stave off collagen breakdown. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash helps protect skin from past and present sun damage. And green tea can help prevent certain skin cancers and stave off sunburns!



Krieger, Liz. "Beauty From The Inside." Women's Health Apr. 2011.


day of rest

Today, I went to the mall with Jeff and his mom! There were so many people out and about because it was nice out. I didn't buy anything, so I'm proud of myself. But that doesn't make for a very good blog entry, haha. So here's a random photo of my outfit.

After our mall run, we decided to try a Vietnamese restaurant we've never been to. I kinda forget the name, but it was that great anyways. It was bad, just not good. I got the pho of course, and it was lacking in both size and flavor. Their avocado shake was decent. Oh well. I took a picture of the banh xeo, which I want to learn to make someday. That was alright.

Also, we stopped by the Asian supermarket on the way home where Mama Lee stocked up on a bajillion packs of noodles and Jeff and I picked out all the flavors of Mr. Brown's coffee. We're going to test-try and see which one we should buy a big pack of!

I hope the weather stays nice because it makes me so happy~



a quick summary of today

Jeff and I decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse! Probably one of our favorite steakhouses ever since we went for my birthday two years ago. Took pictures of my drink and the baby blossom, but I totally forgot about the rest of the food until I ate like half of it...guess I was too hungry!

I've wanted to try this Maybelline mascara for a while, but I finally got it today after Nina recommended it to me! It was also on sale, and there was a $1 off coupon on it as well, so why not? I haven't actually tried it yet since I already had mascara on today.

Now it's a part of the Volum' Express family :)

I have to go do homework now...boo!



jmag woes

I've lost touch with some of my favorite Japanese magazines. I used to make an effort to buy my favorites every month, but it's been increasingly difficult as shops and sites closed down! I really want the two April issues of ViVi and Sweet though, not only because they are super thick issues, but because Namie is on the cover of both :)

I really hate paying $20 per copy though...



sweet valley fox

I want summer to be here so badly. And with Wildfox's new summer collection, it makes me wish it was scalding hot even more! So sick of New England, I'm definitely moving to Cali one day.


rainy day, cozy robe

I thought jury duty would be at least a bit interesting, but it ended up being a total bore. I don't think I'm supposed to talk, much less blog about this, but there's really no confidential information...I basically waited for four hours in the courtroom as the judge called everyone up one by one to determine their eligibility to be a grand juror. As my luck would have it, I was number 134 out of 136 people! When I finally got up there, she excused me for being a full-time student. UGH WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY.

However, I was able to stop by the mall after for a quick, late lunch. Also bought a cute pink-and-white striped robe that reminds me a lot of all the cute roomwear that Gelato Pique or Barefoot Dreams does. It matches a bunch of the fuzzy socks I have :3



a spring weekend

On Friday, Jeff found this little restaurant in our town that we decided to try out for lunch! It's called "Strip-T's", and we got some sandwiches for lunch. It was too messy to take a photo of the food, but I did take a quick snap of the place. I want to go back there and eat-in (since we got takeout this time), and try their breakfast/dinner too!

On Saturday, we tried another different restaurant for lunch before work. This time we were in the mood for Asian so we went to Hanmaru, I think is supposed to be Korean but they also served other types of Asian food. Jeff got ramen and I got udon, so I guess we were feeling Japanese-y. Saw that they also had fried ice cream, which I love, so we got that for dessert!

Today, which is Sunday (technically Monday I guess), Jeff and I decided take a quick stroll at the mall. I didn't think I'd buy anything since we only went to Arsenal and Target, but I couldn't resist...got a cute dress and some jewelry from F21, a pair of sunglasses from Aldo, and a pair of wedges from Target! The sunglasses and shoes were a good deal - $3 for the sunglasses, which is a cool round pair that I've always wanted, and $20 for the Dolce Vita for Target wedges :)

Also stopped by Russo's with Jeff's mom at one point and got some mini cannolis. Hehe. And also got some frozen yogurt late a night because I wanted a reward for all my hard work! I didn't take a photo of it though cause they ran out of strawberries and it looks plain without them!

I need to go to sleep soon - jury duty calls. Oh, the perks of being a United States citizen.