day of rest

Today, I went to the mall with Jeff and his mom! There were so many people out and about because it was nice out. I didn't buy anything, so I'm proud of myself. But that doesn't make for a very good blog entry, haha. So here's a random photo of my outfit.

After our mall run, we decided to try a Vietnamese restaurant we've never been to. I kinda forget the name, but it was that great anyways. It was bad, just not good. I got the pho of course, and it was lacking in both size and flavor. Their avocado shake was decent. Oh well. I took a picture of the banh xeo, which I want to learn to make someday. That was alright.

Also, we stopped by the Asian supermarket on the way home where Mama Lee stocked up on a bajillion packs of noodles and Jeff and I picked out all the flavors of Mr. Brown's coffee. We're going to test-try and see which one we should buy a big pack of!

I hope the weather stays nice because it makes me so happy~


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