skin food

Foods that are good for your skin (and more)!

Blueberries and pomegranates protect your skin from fine lines and dryness, and also enhances the production of collagen. Dark chocolate help protect skin from sun damage. Spinach fight inflammation and free-radical damage and also helps speed skin cell turnover to keep skin supple. Walnuts give you smoother skin, healthier hair, brighter eyes, and stronger bones. Yogurt is good for strong nails and teeth, and also fights skin inflammation and rosacea. Tomatoes protect skin from sun damage and other environmental factors. Kiwis stimulate collagen synthesis, repairs damage to skin-cell DNA, and keeps blood vessels and hair follicles strong. Edamame (and other soy foods) can ease inflammation and stave off collagen breakdown. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash helps protect skin from past and present sun damage. And green tea can help prevent certain skin cancers and stave off sunburns!



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