ordinary day

I'm not sure what to blog about. I guess I could write about my Sunday, per usual, but I don't have any accompanying photos this time!

Well, after we got off work, Jeff and I stayed up and then decided around 6 AM that we were hungry. So he looked up some diners and we decided to go to one we've never tried before, Wilson's Diner in Waltham. I got some pancakes and he got eggs and hash and we shared more toast and eggs and sausage and bacon. I always feel fat afterwards. It wasn't so bad this time, but I did still get a stomachache...still good though!

Went to sleep for a few hours and then went to get some lunch with Jeff's mom. We were going to get pho in Chinatown, but couldn't find any parking. Big surprise. So we just went to Le's in Allston. After eating we all went to the mall and I didn't buy a single thing. I thought about it...but I didn't. I just bought a new magazine. And then we went grocery shopping and that was my day!


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