hana in elie saab

I read somewhere that this was going to be a shoot for Jimmy Choo, so I was really excited. But it turned out to be an editorial for Tatler Russia. Hana Soukupova looks gorgeous in that gown, nonetheless. And the dog is adorable!

See the rest of the editorial here, if you please.
Shot at the Plaza in NY so it's extra glamorous :)


photos - tFS/fashion gone rogue


and so it begins

No more classes.
Study period.
Only essays & finals in the way of summer.


photo - little bit

comfort zone

How nice would it be if we could wear sweatpants everyday?

I'm pleasantly surprised at how chic it can look.
Case in point: Caroline Winberg in Elle Italy.
I love this editorial!


photos - tFS 


leopard print romper

I had to get it when I first saw it on Fashion Fever's blog. By H&M and only $10? Yes please! So when we went shopping this past weekend, I scoured the H&M store for it. Figured it wasn't out in the US yet when I couldn't find it and planned on giving up when the boyfriend comes to rescue (again). Been wearing it nonstop ever since.

On a side note, Lena is wearing something similar on the newest issue of ViVi. It might be a swimsuit though; I can't tell.


photo - fashion fever/vivi


work it out

Seriously need to make exercise more of a routine in my life. I'm very out of shape and I feel tired all the time. This is what college has done to me...at least I didn't gain the Freshman 15 but I feel a lot unhealthier than I used to be. Must eat better too!

Alessandria Ambrosio knows how to look good while working out, teehee.


photos - fashion gone rogue

red to toe

Excuse me for another bad pun, but doesn't Miroslava Duma look amazing in this all-red Bottega Veneta ensemble? It's hard to pull off, in my opinion.

I can't get enough of this girl!


photos - jak & jil/hanneli



Spotted: Rumi & Lulu both wearing a Topshop Unique oversize tunic that looks incredibly comfy. I love the color as well. If anyone knows where I can find it (not on the site anymore), let me know!


photos - fashion toast/lulu and your mom

dang it

Good weekend but the next two weeks are gonna be unpleasant.
Last week of classes and finals coming up...
Bear with me!



little monsters

If I were ever to see Lady Gaga in concert again, I would definitely go all-out. They really love her in Japan~
See the rest of the awesomeness here.


photos - tokyo fashion


days gone by

Sleeping all day & staying up all night - tis the life of a college student. Well, only when you don't have class because otherwise you'll go days without sleep. It's become kind of a cycle. It's almost five am and I'm running out of things to keep me entertained through the night. So sleeping before the sun comes up should be the goal. I'll leave it at that.



AA in LA

Cypress, Koreatown, Venice Beach.
These pictures are from American Apparel's 14 Days in LA feature.
I would love to go to LA this summer - wouldn't that be fun?


tara vasev

Merchandising assistant of Alexander Wang.
I love the ethereal, spring feel.


photos - jak & jil



Black and white.


photos - the killing moon/jason lee perry/felicia blog


i'm boring but here's a post

Why oh why is the rain back? But at least it's not pouring, just drizzling (knock on wood).

Totally forgot we had Monday off (WOO!!). I'm very happy about this. Over the next two weeks I'll be slaving over papers and studying though...sigh. No more lazy Shirley (yeah right).

Going off to work with Jeffrey soon. I ordered Papa John's for us on the the go too. Haha.


photo - tenley nordstrom

nothing at all

I don't know what to blog about. But I felt like blogging cause of course, I'm avoiding studying. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. Back to sleeping in and snuggling :)

I'll just leave it at that...I guess.
I'm so boring!




Proenza Schouler.
I'm really liking these satchel bags.
Wish I could get my hands on one of these babies...or a Mulberry Alexa.


photo - columbine smille

pretty things

Scalloped Lace Dress from Nasty Gal.
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polish trio.
Sweetiepie Restaurant in NYC.
Rosette-adorned flats.

I love it all.


fashion against aids

I absolutely love H&M. Their Garden Collection is amazing, and I'm still trying to find some of the pieces!!

But moving on, their Fashion Against Aids Campaign is launching May 20 and I am looking forward to getting my hands on that as well. The clothes have a music festival feel to them, which is quite different from florals, but I'm excited nonetheless.

I need to find a job so I can buy everything. EVERYTHING!!!!


the game of procrastinating

It's me again, playing the "let's not study and ramble on my blog to avoid the horror of failure" game. I'm avoiding cramming weeks of environmental earth science information into my brain for my exam tomorrow. It' not fun and I don't recommend it...but it happens anyways.

I've been being so lazy the past week. It's not good. I just realized that I only have like two weeks of class left. Seems kind of unreal - my freshman year has been so fast, yet so slow in some ways. I am really afraid for exams. The ones last semester weren't so bad since I actually enjoyed my classes...but this semester...I think I may just die.

Two more days until the weekend. You can do it Shirley.


photo - romina shama


monster bag

Everybody has their dream designer bag they hope to own one day. And mine? It's the Hermes Birkin. Too bad it has starting price of $5,000 and a never ending waitlist. But a girl can dream right?

Lady Gaga was seen carrying the white version of the Birkin at the airport in Japan. Not only that, but she wrote on it with Sharpie!!! Imagine that...

It supposedly translates to, "I love little monster, Tokyo Love".

Oh Lady Gaga.


photo - the cut blog/lady gaga's twitter


sweet karolina

She's so gorgeous...and this is her post-baby.


photos - fashion gone rogue