easter weekend

The weather this weekend was amazingly perfect. It did get a little chilly at night but I'm not complaining at all. Worked at the restaurant on Friday but Saturday was a good day. I went to the optometrist hoping to get a new prescription but he was too busy. So Jeff and I headed back to Clark and ate pasta from Ciao Bella for dinner while watching Dodgeball. Jeff had practice for the International Gala next week but afterward we stopped by his friends' for fun. After a while we all decided to head to Walgreens to get munchies and rent a movie from Redbox. The night ended with Zombieland and spilled Cheetos courtesy of me.

On this fine Easter Sunday was a lot of car driving. We attempted to go to the mall but did not realize it would be closed...yeah I don't celebrate Easter. So instead we met up with Jeff's eldest sister and her husband and had dinner at the 99 Restaurant. I've never been there before but it was alright.

I did my laundry when I got back. There's work to be done so maybe I will try to get to that.

One more thing - girls can be bitches. (This has nothing to do with me personally but I had to get that out).


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