recent happenings

It's already the end of June, but that shouldn't be surprising. Summer is really gonna start now! I have to start working next week. This means I should cram in as much fun activities as I can beforehand, since my work schedule is pretty uncooperative.

Yesterday, Jeff & I went to Ikea! It was just random, so we looked at all the cool showrooms and played with the furniture. Ikea is a big place, so of course we got food after. We got the yummy Swedish meatballs...next time I'm totally buying some to make at home. (We also got Wild Willy's before we went - we're pigs).

[Swedish meatballs...yum]
[We adopted Gary the Gator from the Ikea parking lot]
I just found out where I'll be living next year at Boston University. I'm a bit disappointed, because I wanted to live in the residence hall nearest to the College of Arts & Sciences, which I'm in. But nope, I'm in the one all the way on the other side of campus. Great. Now I have to walk further to get to my classes every morning, which will be excellent in the winter. And to top it off, I'm in a triple. I really just wanted a double. DAMN YOU BU!!! I'll just have to get used to it...

[At least I'll have this view from my dorm]
I'm excited for college, nonetheless.


just a random entry

I noticed I have been eating out of sync these days, and not as much. Because it's summer, I wake up later and never eat breakfast. And then I eat lunch late, sometimes too full for dinner. So when it's late at night I'll eat some random junk. I don't think I'm eating too much unhealthy food though.

Jeff thinks I got thinner, but I don't notice. I've been eating a lot of Viet food lately since I'm at his house like all the time. I love pho so much haha. I never used to eat it until I met him.
[I always draw a smiley on my pho!]

I'm getting a craving for some noodles now...but I think my mom cooked dinner already. Darn.



shopping is summer lovin'

The past week, I've been out and about at all the malls with Jeff to pass the time. That's what you do when the weather isn't good enough to be outside! Today, Jeff had an orientation for his new job at the mall so I went along with him. It was at Copley, even though he won't be working at that particular store.

Believe it or not, I've never shopped alone before. It seemed a little intimidating. But it was actually beneficial cause I didn't have to worry about spending too much time somewhere or dragging someone around. And I actually purchased a couple things. I'm known to be very hesitant to buy things unless I really NEED to have it.

I bought two things at J. Crew: a coral chiffony dress & a white canvas bag. They were both on sale and I really like them so I thought, what the hell? And I'm glad to say I'm very happy about them.

[The photo doesn't do them justice]

It was a bad idea to wear my wedges to go shopping, cause now I have some very painful blisters. But it's all good. After I browsed around some more, I just decided to sit down at Barnes & Nobles with various magazines. There were no seats left at the Starbucks or random chairs, so I sat in the children's play area. Haha.

[Catching up on my magazines]

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go eat dim sum with my mom and sign up for driving classes. Whoopee.



class of 2009

Finally, the long-awaited graduation post. I don't feel like writing up a long entry, because it's pretty self-explanatory. So here are some photos:

[I did it, I graduated!]

[With le boyfriend]

[The Choy sisters]

[One of my biffles, Eva]

Forgive me for any weird formatting or fonts on my recent entries. I'm not used to using other computers and it's being all difficult.


over the rainbow

Hello, fellow readers. I know I have been really inconsistent with updating recently. The main reason being that I do not currently have a computer of my own at the moment since I gave it away. Once I get a new one, hopefully my updates will become regular again!

Summer has not been like summer at all. The weather here has been rainy for about three straight weeks. WTF?!?! Last time I checked, I didn't live in Washington.

Despite the gloomy skies, I still found some sources of brightness. My glossy magazines never fail me at this. This one particular editorial from Numero Tokyo made me smile when I saw model Vlada Roslyakova wearing a pair of metallic rainbow Nike dunks.

I usually don't wear sneakers (I try to avoid socks at all costs), but these, I would.
I also need to get a life. Then there'll be more to blog about!


one year & counting

Jeff and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday, even though officially it was June 12. I can't believe it's been a year already. Sometimes it feels like we've been together for years though!!

We had brunch at Victor's, a small diner place at the edge of town I've never been to. I'm not a big fan of breakfast food, so I can't eat too much. For some reason they always give you huge portions at diners... I got a tomato omelet that came with toast and potatoes. Jeff got a more lunch-type meal, gyro sandwich, fries, and that hash stuff we love.

After, we decided to go mini-golfing! Jeff wanted to take me all last summer but we never went. We went to a place in Middleton where they had the best ice cream too, Richardson's. Jeff beat me on both courses. Yeah, I'm not very good at mini-golf. The place kind of smelled funny though, because of the water. It's probably because of the cows they use for their ice cream or something. We both got cones after, I with black raspberry and Jeff with Crunch-a-saurus. Or however you spell it.

Using the handy GPS, we found the nearest movie theater at some mall called the Liberty Tree. I think it was in Peabody or somewhere near there. We went to see The Hangover, which I thought was pretty funny. The mall itself was very strange. I don't know how to describe it.

The car ride home was supposed to be a half hour...yet for some reason every highway we went on decided to have construction 10 'o clock at night. So I didn't get home until 11ish.
Today was a lazy, relaxing day. It's what the rain does to me! The rain is nonstop, like we're in Washington or something. I thought it was June. COME ON.



talk of the town

Finally, I have some time to sit down and blog properly. But there has been so many things going on at once, I can't remember every detail.

What I do remember is that yesterday evening Jeff and I had dinner at the new restaurant in town, "The Talk". We were supposed to eat there on our anniversary (which was June 12) because that was the grand opening night. But that got rescheduled because of my grandmother's death, etc. So we decided to go there yesterday.

It still had that newly constructed smell, but I like how it was decorated inside. Our waitress kept asking us if we wanted to try their "talktails" or some wine, which I found really funny. I think Jeff probably looks over 21, but not me!! We ordered fried calamari, a rib-eye steak for me, some scallop pasta thing for Jeff, and cannolis. They were all pretty good, minus the cannoli. I've never had one before, but Jeff said that was not the best one he's ever had.

Today I had dim sum with my family and Jeff. My aunt & uncle from Oregon are leaving today. They're so adorable; I love them. I really want to visit them since the last time I was there I was like 10 years old. One day?

I miss my laptop. Not the actual computer itself, but its accesibility. I gave it to my cousin in Seattle, since my parents were gonna buy me a new one anyways. Hopefully that'll be soon...



absent without leave

I haven't been very good at updating these past couple weeks.

I didn't update about my graduation or orientation, and then the tragedy hit.

But I'll be back, and better than ever.

Soon there will be a proper post. Just you wait!


photo - cobra snake


rest in peace

I feel like I've been MIA for a while, when in reality it's only been a couple days.

My paternal grandmother passed away today. I've never had someone close to me pass away in my lifetime until now. It's kind of hard to write this entry, but she deserves some remembrance.

[My grandma & me]

August 26, 1922 - June 9, 2009

I miss you.



look into my crystal ball

I came back from my high school's "All-Night Party" a little while ago. Every year after graduation, the school hosts this party in the gym from 11 PM to 5 AM. It's so kids stay out of trouble and don't go out and get drunk. There's a lot of fun stuff to do, but I don't feel like getting into that right now.

They have a fortune teller who reads tarot cards. I don't really believe in fortunes all that much, but they're fun. She had me shuffle the deck of cards, and then split them into three piles. This is what each of my cards said:

1) I'm very protected. There are a lot of people who love and care about me.
2) I am good at arguing, or will be. I need to learn to speak up more.
3) My life has been an emotional roller-coaster. There are ups and downs, but the worst is over.

I guess for the most part they are true. I don't think I'm very good at arguments though.

I just wanted to write a little before I go to bed...maybe. I'll update more about graduation & the party as soon as possible!


photo - cobra snake


top of the morning

[my friend's drink; i liked the color]

TODAY IS GRADUATION. It's so surreal, it doesn't even feel like it. I wanted it desperately to be outside at Victory Field, but thanks to the impending rain, the WHS graduation will be inside the gym for the 4th year in a row. It's going to be cramped and sticky. FML.

Yesterday, I went shopping with Jeff and my friends Rachel & Eva. Our main goal was to find a gift for our orchestra teacher. We ended up buying him a "money tree" because we remembered he liked gardening and that stuff. That was basically it. I really like walking around malls when there's not many people. Note to self: go shopping weekday mornings.

We also went to see the movie Up last night. It was very cute. Go see it!

I have graduation rehearsal in it a bit. Still angry about it being inside....BOO.



swing swing

Today I went on a senior outing with my school to Kimball Farms. It was pretty fun. We ate BBQ food, played bumper boats, went mini-golfing, ate ice cream sundaes, practiced our swings on the driving range, and played some volleyball. Just a short entry so here's pictures:

[yummy food]

[the mini-golf course]

[we all got soaked]

Two more days until graduation...WOW.



somebody call 911

We celebrated my friend's birthday today by going out to lunch at Fire + Ice. I've never been there before, and it didn't live up to its name. It was good food, but nothing amazing. Afterward, we got bubble tea at the Boston Tea Stop and played some Guess Who? and Uno. Jeff and I went back to his house to finish watching Taken.

It was surprisingly hot today. I thought it was going to be cool but I was burning up! Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be this nice tomorrow when I go to Kimball Farms. But the weather may be different there. I hope it's fun either way.


photo - cobra snake


destined for greatness, made to shine

I went to the wall painting barbeque for seniors this morning. Every year at Victory Field the seniors paint the bleachers with the class slogan and graffiti it with their names. Our slogan this year is "Destined for greatness, made to shine, Class of 2009." It's kind of cheesy, but I guess we couldn't come up with anything better.

Naturally, people got into paint fights. I wasn't planning on getting paint on me, so I didn't exactly wear my drabbiest clothes. So of course people decide to swipe paint on me. My clothes didn't get too dirty though. But there was paint on my arms, face, and foot. And that's how I went to my Brandeis tour, since I had no time to shower!

Yes, so I actually visited Brandeis. It was a nice campus, but I don't know if it's for me. One, it's a little too small for my liking. And two, they don't have what I'm leaning towards in to study (communications). So it's a slim chance I'll go there. It's a good thing I visited though, so I know this now.