talk of the town

Finally, I have some time to sit down and blog properly. But there has been so many things going on at once, I can't remember every detail.

What I do remember is that yesterday evening Jeff and I had dinner at the new restaurant in town, "The Talk". We were supposed to eat there on our anniversary (which was June 12) because that was the grand opening night. But that got rescheduled because of my grandmother's death, etc. So we decided to go there yesterday.

It still had that newly constructed smell, but I like how it was decorated inside. Our waitress kept asking us if we wanted to try their "talktails" or some wine, which I found really funny. I think Jeff probably looks over 21, but not me!! We ordered fried calamari, a rib-eye steak for me, some scallop pasta thing for Jeff, and cannolis. They were all pretty good, minus the cannoli. I've never had one before, but Jeff said that was not the best one he's ever had.

Today I had dim sum with my family and Jeff. My aunt & uncle from Oregon are leaving today. They're so adorable; I love them. I really want to visit them since the last time I was there I was like 10 years old. One day?

I miss my laptop. Not the actual computer itself, but its accesibility. I gave it to my cousin in Seattle, since my parents were gonna buy me a new one anyways. Hopefully that'll be soon...


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