over the rainbow

Hello, fellow readers. I know I have been really inconsistent with updating recently. The main reason being that I do not currently have a computer of my own at the moment since I gave it away. Once I get a new one, hopefully my updates will become regular again!

Summer has not been like summer at all. The weather here has been rainy for about three straight weeks. WTF?!?! Last time I checked, I didn't live in Washington.

Despite the gloomy skies, I still found some sources of brightness. My glossy magazines never fail me at this. This one particular editorial from Numero Tokyo made me smile when I saw model Vlada Roslyakova wearing a pair of metallic rainbow Nike dunks.

I usually don't wear sneakers (I try to avoid socks at all costs), but these, I would.
I also need to get a life. Then there'll be more to blog about!


  1. Those are soooo cool !! *O*

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    well i bought these online two days ago. i think creative recreation is a pretty cool line!


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