destined for greatness, made to shine

I went to the wall painting barbeque for seniors this morning. Every year at Victory Field the seniors paint the bleachers with the class slogan and graffiti it with their names. Our slogan this year is "Destined for greatness, made to shine, Class of 2009." It's kind of cheesy, but I guess we couldn't come up with anything better.

Naturally, people got into paint fights. I wasn't planning on getting paint on me, so I didn't exactly wear my drabbiest clothes. So of course people decide to swipe paint on me. My clothes didn't get too dirty though. But there was paint on my arms, face, and foot. And that's how I went to my Brandeis tour, since I had no time to shower!

Yes, so I actually visited Brandeis. It was a nice campus, but I don't know if it's for me. One, it's a little too small for my liking. And two, they don't have what I'm leaning towards in to study (communications). So it's a slim chance I'll go there. It's a good thing I visited though, so I know this now.


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