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I noticed I have been eating out of sync these days, and not as much. Because it's summer, I wake up later and never eat breakfast. And then I eat lunch late, sometimes too full for dinner. So when it's late at night I'll eat some random junk. I don't think I'm eating too much unhealthy food though.

Jeff thinks I got thinner, but I don't notice. I've been eating a lot of Viet food lately since I'm at his house like all the time. I love pho so much haha. I never used to eat it until I met him.
[I always draw a smiley on my pho!]

I'm getting a craving for some noodles now...but I think my mom cooked dinner already. Darn.


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  1. Pho is so yummy! I've only recently had it but it's so flavorful!


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