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a dress for the promenade

The dress I ordered for prom came in today! Actually it technically came yesterday, but I went to go pick it up at the post office today after school. I ripped the package open right away and tried it on. And I fell in love. It's white, long, and is embellished along the neckline and front. It kind of makes me feel like a Grecian goddess.

Here's a little glimpse:

I'll definitely have more pictures of it when May 29 arrives. In the meantime, I have to get the dress altered because it's a size too big.



something random

This is probably going to be one of the most random posts, ever.

I was looking for one of this accordion-like folder things to store all my AP Psychology review stuff, cause my teacher keeps handing out a shitload of papers. I found one I used to store random papers, and guess what I found in it?

My collection of Mary-Kate & Ashley pictures.

Yes, the Olsen twins. I remember back in 7th grade I was obsessed with them. It was a phase where I cut out any picture I saw of them and tacked it onto my wall. I remember that wall above my bed, plastered with pictures of the twins at various events or from photo shoots.

[This is the huge poster I had!!!]

I'm smiling because also inside the folder, I ripped out the installments they wrote for Teen People magazine during their senior year of high school. From October 2004 to May 2004, MK and Ashley expressed to the readers of Teen People about their lives as both actresses and students. It's still funny to think how normal their lives can be.

[All grown up, promoting their book Influence]

Rereading them also made me think about all the things coming up. Unfortunately, I'm going to have go through AP testing first. (But so did they!) I'm already pass the whole college thing, but I still need to deposit! I've decided on Boston University, and so excited. And the events - I can't wait for prom & graduation, all that good stuff.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have changed a lot these past 5 years. I think I might possibly too.



hello sunshine

Vacation's over. It's so sad. But it's that much closer to the end of senior year, until graduation!!

Yesterday, Jeff and I decided to go to the beach. Originally, some of his friends were going to go to, but they didn't end up going. So it was just the two of us. It was really relaxing; we just tanned and I was reading. Then we got ice cream & lemonade, and then ate some seafood at a place called Brown's.

[He doesn't like to smile]

We were so tired on the way back (Jeff, especially cause he was doing all the driving) and when we
got back we just passed out. Haha.

The weather was nice today too. Tomorrow's going to be freaking 90 degrees!!! I keep getting a headache from the antibiotics I have to take, boo.



tossing & turning

I was supposed to go to the Boston University Open House today, but I wasn't feeling too good this morning. Or last night. For some reason, I couldn't really sleep. I woke up at 3 AM, and kept waking up in hour intervals. I just felt nauseous and didn't want to attend if I was gonna feel like this all day. So I stayed home. I was only going to go to the Open House to confirm to myself that I wanted to go to BU. But I already practically decided.

The end of vacation is nearing. And the weather is just getting super nice this weekend. I want to go to the beach. Hopefully my mother will let me...

Shit, I still got some homework to finish.


photo credit - breath of sunshine


a series of unfortunate events

This sucks. I went to Kotobukiya today, looking forward to getting my new magazines before they closed for good. But, they decided not to restock all of their magazines so there was absolutely nothing to buy. It was such a waste of a trip...

Then I figured that I could just order them online from my trusty Royal Quartz. But then what? I log onto find that they didn't have that issue of ViVi anymore!! How shitty. I requested it but this means I have to wait longer to read them. It makes me terribly sad.

I got some good news today though! I got a letter from my high school and found out that I'm going to be inducted into Cum Laude!! I was hoping that I would be, but I didn't have too high hopes because the ranks were set after the first semester. But not inductions I guess? I'm excited though because after my GPA kept fluctuating throughout the years, I finally get more than a 4.0 again!!

Vacation's coming to a close soon. But I can say it was a worthwhile vacation. It'll be better if my mom lifts the ban off seeing Jeff this weekend. She's never serious though...hopefully!


Photo - cobra snake


as dr. schuetze would say, mittwoch

The midway mark of vacation is here. I've been pretty good about keeping up with the whole not-sitting-in-front-of-the-computer thing.

I decided to go visit Jeff at Clark for the first time today. I've always wanted to take the commuter rail (aka the purple line or "ghost train"), so I did instead of a Greyhound bus. I've never really been in South Station so I thought that was pretty cool. Reminded me of something you'd see in a movie with the performers and board with all the arrival times.

So for the hour and half I was on the train, I started reading my independent reading book for English class, "The Reader". I got through a lot of it and I must say I'm kind of disappointed. Shameful secret my ass. Yes, but when I got to Union Station in Worcester, Jeff picked me up and we went to Clark! He showed me around and I met some of his friends. Then we went to eat pho at a nearby restaurant. I was supposed to take the 7:40 train back to Boston, but we missed it...so he drove me all the way back home. I love you Jeffrey <3 size="1">Photo - cobra snake


a shoe obsession

So most recently, I've become enthralled by these shoes: gladiator wedges.

The originals were by Balenciaga, and were a big hit. But unfortunately they are not in my price range at over $1,000.

Balenciaga black gladiator wedge sandals Lindsay Lohan 2009 by Nemova.
[The Balenciagas on Lindsay Lohan]

Thankfully, some more affordable lines have come up with similar styles...

[Forever 21]

[Nine West]

The Nine West look more similar to the Balenciaga. But I can't decide if I want to just buy the Forever 21 pair, or shell out the extra bucks for the nicer Nine West ones. Suggestions?


julia in black & white

I was bored today while sitting at home, so I looked through Julia Stegner's thread on the Fashion Spot. I haven't in a while, and found some awesome pictures of her:

[From some Maybelline calendar]

[She's my girl crush]

[Somewhat reminds me of the girl with the pearl earring, without the earring]

Julia's been showing up again. She's making a comeback!
She'll always be my favorite model.



marathon monday

My feet are killing me. But that's what I get for walking around all day in heeled boots, just cause I felt like it.

Currently waiting for my mother to pick me up from my sister's dorm...

Since this week is vacation, I decided to go hang out with my sister. I met up with her and we took the T to Newbury Street, and around that area. It was very crowded though because today was the Boston Marathon. There were tons of people watching the runners, who just seemed to keep coming and coming! I wish I could run 26 miles, but unfortunately I can't.


Judy, my older sister, and I walked around and around. I didn't buy anything, but I didn't plan to. It was just fun to look at things and catch up. And I'm also most likely going to go to her college, so I got to look around some more and ask her friends about how it's like. And I like what I hear.

I think I'll make tomorrow a working day. And then dinner with my friends?


the 100th post

Good morning.

Yes, I have reached 100 entries!!!

I'm off to meet my sister soon.

Perhaps another entry later?


photo - cobra snake


another weekend update

It makes me very happy when I realize that I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Ah, I love vacation.

Yesterday, Saturday, was basically a fun day out. I didn't leave the house until around 3, when Jeff and I headed to the Natick Mall for some window shopping. Malls aren't as fun these days; I prefer the online shopping world. But it's always fun to browse.

I really dislike how the Natick doesn't have a bookstore. You have to drive over to the Shopper's World plaza to get to Barnes & Nobles. When we were inside getting Starbucks and skimming magazines to pass the time, we didn't realize Jeff forgot to turn off the lights on his car...so he had to find someone to help jumpstart the car. Thankfully there are nice people in this world so it's all good.

[Passing time at the mall]

We then met up with some of Jeff's friends from his college at Minado's. As usual, I was really full. Afterwards we went back to the mall for a bit. The night was still young, so we decided to see a movie at the nearby AMC Theatre. We saw Fast & Furious, which I actually really liked. Teehee.

Today, I've been at home the whole day, moving furniture and belongings all over the house. My younger sister decided to switch rooms with my parents so they would have the master bedroom. I used to share that room with her, but I've been residing in my older sister's room while she's away at college. But unfortunately, she's coming home soon for the summer. So I decided to move upstairs into the room in the attic.

[Japanese magazine collection thus far]

I'm very excited about officially having my own room. I've always had to share. Now I'm extremely tired from carrying my truckloads of magazines up and down the stairs. It's worth it though.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my older sister and go shopping.



it's finally here

This photo of Jessica Michibata describes how I'm feeling right now. It's spring vacation!!! Although it's not quite warm enough to head down to the beach the weather's getting nicer by the day.

What do I plan on doing? I'm glad you asked:
- go shopping with my sister(s)
- visit college(s)
- hang out with my friends
- Jeff

- move into my own room!!!

I promised I wouldn't sit around on the computer all day. Let's see if I can do it.


It's a preserved egg.


hey there stud

[Christian Louboutin for Rodarte]

Currently wishing for a pair of studded shoes.

I found the studded ankle boots I wanted on eBay - too bad I'm preventing myself from buying anything unnecessary.

[Colin Stuart, stop tempting me!]

They're a size too big anyways...


Photo - jak & jil


can you guess?

It's food...but what? I'm such a loser.

Answer in my next post!!



I don't know why but this week has been going by extremely slow. The days drags on and on...

I don't feel very well, so I've been kind of moody. Sorry to all those who have to endure me.

But packages always put a smile on my face. Today I received set of mineral makeup samples from Everyday Minerals. The little containers are really adorable. I'm trying to see which mineral makeup is the best.

Eating puts me in a good mood too. I think I'll go eat a mango.



shopping woes & more blogs

I seriously need to find a job.
But I'm too lazy to go look for one at the moment.
Money has to come from somewhere to support my spending.

Two items I want to buy at the moment:

[Silence & Noise Fleece Motorcycle Jacket & Le Paris Open Crew]

When I'm not browsing for stuff to buy online, I'm visiting blogs. Some more I've added to my daily reading list since the last time:

Karla [Karla's Closet]

Betty [Le Blog de Betty]

Aimee [Song of Style]

the Stylish Wanderer

And one Japanese model blog: Nozo
mi Suzuki of Pinky magazine.

Time to go search for jobs and blogs. I really have nothing better to do (*cough homework*)


glamorous combination

I found a must-have outfit of the spring: an oversize blazer and ultra-feminine dress.

This insight occurred when I was flipping through my new Glamorous magazine. I fell in love with this one particular outfit a model was sporting. It was an off-white blazer with the sleeves scrunched up, a pale pink mini-dress, and awesome black ankle-wrap sandals.

Some inspiration from the Spring 2009 runways:

[Stella McCartney, Rebecca Taylor, Chloe]

I'm off to find the perfect pieces.



a perfect match

How ecstatic was I when I found out that there was something called "Meet the Boyfriends" in the newest issue of Vogue? It features six models & their boyfriends - and one of the couples is my very favorite JULIA STEGNER and her boyfriend, Steven Pan.

Speechless, I was.

I wanted to share:

"I'm organized, I'm always on time, I hate being late. He's taught me to relax a little, " she says. Her nickname for him - Schatzi - means "honey" in her native German, and when they're not working - he's Steven Meisel's first assistant - they seek out surfing or snowboarding. "We like being active when we travel," he says, recalling early adventures in Costa Rica and an especially memorable trip they took to Sierra Leone with UNICEF, for which she's a goodwill ambassador. On the subject of style: "I love him in Levi's, and when he's away I steal his sweatshirts."

They are too cute together.


Photo - the Fashion Spot

acceptances # 4, 5 & 6

A very delayed post.

The last of all my college acceptances.

I'm too lazy to go scan the letters like I did before...so here:

[Boston University, Bryn Mawr College, Wheaton College]

Now I have to decide where to go! But I'm already 90% decided.



bunny love

First off, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I don't, but whatever. I'm feeling a craving for chocolate coming on.

It was also my 10-month anniversary with my boyfriend. It may be 10 months since we got together, but it's been about a year that we met. So basically it's been a year since we went on that school trip to China. I do wish I was going on a vacation this April, but sadly nope.

We didn't do much, just dim sum for lunch and lots of sleeping...that's all we do!!!

I'm not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow after a long weekend, but it's not going to be as jam-packed as last week. I had no homework this weekend too.

One more week, and it's spring vacation.


Photo - fashion toast


food & furoku

So much for the sunny weather. It was gloomy today to begin with, and then it had to rain a bit too. Stupid bipolar April weather. I still had a nice day though.

I went to eat lunch today at Bugaboo Creek with my boyfriend and younger sister. I never realized how creepy that place was, with all of its animals heads and woodsy furniture. The steak I had was pretty good, even though it wasn't cooked like I said I wanted it!! But it's okay, I'm not too picky about that.

We took my sister to her favorite store for all things cute and she got more random stuff for her little scrapbook she's making. Then Jeff took me to Porter Square to get my Japanese magazines!! OMG KOTOBUKIYA, THE SUPERMARKET I GET THEM FROM, IS CLOSING DOWN IN MAY. I'm very upset about this. Cause now I have to order my magazines online, which takes longer and costs more.

[Namie & Rinka]

But it's not closed yet, so I got the April issues of Sweet & Glamorous today. They both came with furoku, which is always a plus. There was a small Jill Stuart purse and a Yves Saint Laurent notebook. The issues are really thick, probably because it's spring!! I think the April issues in Japan are the March ones elsewhere around the world.

[Jill Stuart & YSL furoku]

Jeff and I went to see "I Love You, Man". It was a pretty good movie, but I didn't think it was super hilarious. The rest of the people in the theater did though. Jeff agreed with me.

So tomorrow's Easter, huh? I don't celebrate it, but Jeff and I are planning to go eat dim sum. It's also our 10-month anniversary tomorrow. Hehe.

I should call it a night soon.



good friday

Today I spent the whole day at home with my boyfriend. It was a relaxing day off from school. I think it was a nice day outside, but I didn't feel like going out.

How many more days until summer comes?
How many more days until I graduate?

I can't wait for those days. Then I'll go out.



If anyone is a subscriber on Xanga/YouTube for Michelle Phan, or better known as RiceBunny, you know she's coming out with her skincare line, iQQU, very soon (TOMORROW).

[The packaging is adorably chic]

I was ecstatic when I found out several months ago, because I love her makeup tutorials. I wouldn't wear all the looks she creates, but they're really fun to watch. Plus, I'm kinda biased toward anyone Asian.

[A look from her tutorial "Hippie Princess"]

But I don't know if I'll be buying her products, since my skin is sensitive to anything sunscreen and all the products she's advertised contain SPF. I'll just have to see what she has to offer!

She's launching the line on her birthday [04/11], which I think is very clever and special.

Michelle, you're awesome.


RiceBunny [xanga]
MichellePhan [youtube]


oink oink

The cutest balloons I've ever seen...I think I might die of cuteness overload. I wish I knew where I could get one of those!


peas in a pod

Just because I cannot bring myself to work on my psychology paper, I decided to blog.

I've been eating these garlic green peas nonstop. They're so good! They're kind of like wasabi peas, but not as spicy and smaller.

The packets are too small though. I want to eat ten at a time.

Back to work after I eat some more.


Photo - cake on the brain



Forgive me for my boring title, but I could not come up with a single thing.

People kept telling me I looked terribly tired today. I stayed up until 5 am last night working on my statistics project. It came out looking like crap, but the presentation wasn't bad. Hopefully I do well on it so my average stays 100.

Right now I'm working on a psychology paper. It's such a pointless paper. I don't have my study tomorrow, which sucks balls. I won't be up until 5 again, but hopefully I'll go to bed before 1.

This week is so crammed-packed with work because it's the end of the term. No school on Friday, at least. And then spring vacation is in a couple weeks. Hopefully warm weather decides to show up.



how can i put this

I'm feeling a bit blah right now.



only in new york

I'm baaack!! Anyone miss me?

[Surprisingly, I packed light]

WARNING: A lot more boring than it sounds.

Friday morning, we had a late start because of some problems. We were slightly late for the choir performances but they still performed. The rest of us orchestra/band people sat there in the sanctuary and watched.

[Our concert choir performing]

After, we walked around the Greenwich Village area for a while and got dinner. We were in large groups, so it was really complicated deciding on a place to eat. I don't want to go to NYC and eat at SUBWAY. So I ended up getting some pizza.

I was disappointed we didn't get to see a Broadway musical this year. Instead, they got tickets for STOMP. You know, the group that makes music out of trash cans and kitchen sinks? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I would still have rather seen a musical.

[Outside the Orpheum Theatre]

We had to wake up especially early the next morning because our own performances were the first of the day. There wasn't even time to get breakfast!! We performed for full orchestra first, grabbed breakfast at a nearby shop, and then performed as the string ensemble. I think we did well, but not excellent.

The plan for that day was to go to Liberty Island & Ellis Island. BAD IDEA. The weather was not to my liking at all that day. It wasn't raining, but it was not sunny and the wind was so strong. Probably the first time I can actually say I was almost blown over, legit. And I forgot my jacket in the hotel room, so it was freezing. Thankfully a friend lent me an extra sweatshirt she had. It made me grumpy and my hair a mess.

[Statue of Liberty]

Afterwards, we headed back to the Riverside Church for the Awards Ceremony. We ended up getting a silver medal for all of the groups. Not too bad, but we got a gold last time. There's a dinner dance cruise type thing they hold for all the students and teachers on the Hudson/East River. The dinner was mediocre, and dancing was fun but it got old fast. My feet and legs still hurt.

[Me & Rachel]

Sunday morning we got to sleep in. After we checked out of the hotel we headed to the Museum of Modern Art. Museums aren't my favorite, but modern art is okay. Except for the empty white paintings that made me go WHAT? This is art? We walked around Times Square for a bit, but the group never wants to look at interesting stuff. At least it was a lot sunnier that day.

[Favorite art piece - an egg table]

[New York City!]

Yes, so I'm home now. I have so much work to do this week, since the term is closing. I'm so screwed tomorrow. I might have to pull an all-nighter.

Ugh, headache.