a perfect match

How ecstatic was I when I found out that there was something called "Meet the Boyfriends" in the newest issue of Vogue? It features six models & their boyfriends - and one of the couples is my very favorite JULIA STEGNER and her boyfriend, Steven Pan.

Speechless, I was.

I wanted to share:

"I'm organized, I'm always on time, I hate being late. He's taught me to relax a little, " she says. Her nickname for him - Schatzi - means "honey" in her native German, and when they're not working - he's Steven Meisel's first assistant - they seek out surfing or snowboarding. "We like being active when we travel," he says, recalling early adventures in Costa Rica and an especially memorable trip they took to Sierra Leone with UNICEF, for which she's a goodwill ambassador. On the subject of style: "I love him in Levi's, and when he's away I steal his sweatshirts."

They are too cute together.


Photo - the Fashion Spot

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