marathon monday

My feet are killing me. But that's what I get for walking around all day in heeled boots, just cause I felt like it.

Currently waiting for my mother to pick me up from my sister's dorm...

Since this week is vacation, I decided to go hang out with my sister. I met up with her and we took the T to Newbury Street, and around that area. It was very crowded though because today was the Boston Marathon. There were tons of people watching the runners, who just seemed to keep coming and coming! I wish I could run 26 miles, but unfortunately I can't.


Judy, my older sister, and I walked around and around. I didn't buy anything, but I didn't plan to. It was just fun to look at things and catch up. And I'm also most likely going to go to her college, so I got to look around some more and ask her friends about how it's like. And I like what I hear.

I think I'll make tomorrow a working day. And then dinner with my friends?



  1. I dunno how those marathoners do it! I get winded from a day of shopping!


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