another weekend update

It makes me very happy when I realize that I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Ah, I love vacation.

Yesterday, Saturday, was basically a fun day out. I didn't leave the house until around 3, when Jeff and I headed to the Natick Mall for some window shopping. Malls aren't as fun these days; I prefer the online shopping world. But it's always fun to browse.

I really dislike how the Natick doesn't have a bookstore. You have to drive over to the Shopper's World plaza to get to Barnes & Nobles. When we were inside getting Starbucks and skimming magazines to pass the time, we didn't realize Jeff forgot to turn off the lights on his car...so he had to find someone to help jumpstart the car. Thankfully there are nice people in this world so it's all good.

[Passing time at the mall]

We then met up with some of Jeff's friends from his college at Minado's. As usual, I was really full. Afterwards we went back to the mall for a bit. The night was still young, so we decided to see a movie at the nearby AMC Theatre. We saw Fast & Furious, which I actually really liked. Teehee.

Today, I've been at home the whole day, moving furniture and belongings all over the house. My younger sister decided to switch rooms with my parents so they would have the master bedroom. I used to share that room with her, but I've been residing in my older sister's room while she's away at college. But unfortunately, she's coming home soon for the summer. So I decided to move upstairs into the room in the attic.

[Japanese magazine collection thus far]

I'm very excited about officially having my own room. I've always had to share. Now I'm extremely tired from carrying my truckloads of magazines up and down the stairs. It's worth it though.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my older sister and go shopping.


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  1. waa~ you have so much :]
    i only have 10 or so >o< those magazines could be pricey~~ but i guess it is worth it :]


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