hello sunshine

Vacation's over. It's so sad. But it's that much closer to the end of senior year, until graduation!!

Yesterday, Jeff and I decided to go to the beach. Originally, some of his friends were going to go to, but they didn't end up going. So it was just the two of us. It was really relaxing; we just tanned and I was reading. Then we got ice cream & lemonade, and then ate some seafood at a place called Brown's.

[He doesn't like to smile]

We were so tired on the way back (Jeff, especially cause he was doing all the driving) and when we
got back we just passed out. Haha.

The weather was nice today too. Tomorrow's going to be freaking 90 degrees!!! I keep getting a headache from the antibiotics I have to take, boo.



  1. sounds like you had a great time =)

  2. hmphh i like to smile! it was just sunny and i look ugly when i smile :(

  3. sounds so fun!
    but whenever i go to the beach
    the seawater makes my hair all icky and tangled up xD haha
    so i kind of avoid it... i also get tan soo easily
    i might be going next week though cuz my friends want me to go :] which one did you go to? jfk? revere? xD

  4. hahah my bf smiles too much when we take pictures lol


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