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This is probably going to be one of the most random posts, ever.

I was looking for one of this accordion-like folder things to store all my AP Psychology review stuff, cause my teacher keeps handing out a shitload of papers. I found one I used to store random papers, and guess what I found in it?

My collection of Mary-Kate & Ashley pictures.

Yes, the Olsen twins. I remember back in 7th grade I was obsessed with them. It was a phase where I cut out any picture I saw of them and tacked it onto my wall. I remember that wall above my bed, plastered with pictures of the twins at various events or from photo shoots.

[This is the huge poster I had!!!]

I'm smiling because also inside the folder, I ripped out the installments they wrote for Teen People magazine during their senior year of high school. From October 2004 to May 2004, MK and Ashley expressed to the readers of Teen People about their lives as both actresses and students. It's still funny to think how normal their lives can be.

[All grown up, promoting their book Influence]

Rereading them also made me think about all the things coming up. Unfortunately, I'm going to have go through AP testing first. (But so did they!) I'm already pass the whole college thing, but I still need to deposit! I've decided on Boston University, and so excited. And the events - I can't wait for prom & graduation, all that good stuff.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have changed a lot these past 5 years. I think I might possibly too.


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