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So much for the sunny weather. It was gloomy today to begin with, and then it had to rain a bit too. Stupid bipolar April weather. I still had a nice day though.

I went to eat lunch today at Bugaboo Creek with my boyfriend and younger sister. I never realized how creepy that place was, with all of its animals heads and woodsy furniture. The steak I had was pretty good, even though it wasn't cooked like I said I wanted it!! But it's okay, I'm not too picky about that.

We took my sister to her favorite store for all things cute and she got more random stuff for her little scrapbook she's making. Then Jeff took me to Porter Square to get my Japanese magazines!! OMG KOTOBUKIYA, THE SUPERMARKET I GET THEM FROM, IS CLOSING DOWN IN MAY. I'm very upset about this. Cause now I have to order my magazines online, which takes longer and costs more.

[Namie & Rinka]

But it's not closed yet, so I got the April issues of Sweet & Glamorous today. They both came with furoku, which is always a plus. There was a small Jill Stuart purse and a Yves Saint Laurent notebook. The issues are really thick, probably because it's spring!! I think the April issues in Japan are the March ones elsewhere around the world.

[Jill Stuart & YSL furoku]

Jeff and I went to see "I Love You, Man". It was a pretty good movie, but I didn't think it was super hilarious. The rest of the people in the theater did though. Jeff agreed with me.

So tomorrow's Easter, huh? I don't celebrate it, but Jeff and I are planning to go eat dim sum. It's also our 10-month anniversary tomorrow. Hehe.

I should call it a night soon.


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