smile, you are amazing

The sun is starting to shine here in Boston, and that makes me oh-so-happy! However, according to weather forecasters, it's going to snow on Friday. Seriously?

Today was enjoyable, though I wished I had more time to shop. Before my annoyingly-scheduled 6 PM class, Jeff and I stopped by the mall for a quick dinner (?) and just enough time to peruse a couple stores. I actually didn't plan on eating until after class, so I bought a drink and mini doughnut. But then Jeff needed to eat too, so I ate a chicken sandwich from a new food court place that opened. Isn't the doughnut adorable? Looks can deceive though; it was the nastiest doughnut I've ever tasted. Thanks a lot, Starbucks.

I was tempted to skip class so I could shop more thoroughly, but I was only able to skim H&M. I did purchase something though, a maxi dress! I have another one by them I haven't worn yet, but I just find maxi dresses awesome. This one is super comfy and just the right length for my 5'3" frame. I'm considering going back to get a couple more because there were other designs I was trying to choose from. But I don't like having the same clothing items in different colors/prints, you know? Such a steal at $13 though!

Can you tell I'm trying with Blogger?
I even redid my layout, even though it's still at a amateur level.




I think yesterday might have been the earliest I've gone to bed in forever - 10:30 PM! Woke up around 5 AM and watched some more Grey's Anatomy before heading out to the Mercedes Benz dealership to get Jeff's car's rims fixed. Service at a luxury car dealership is nice, hehe~ We got complimentary paninis and walked around looking at nice cars. Afterwards we went to the nearby plaza mall where I contained myself and bought one shirt. I broke my spending freeze already so oh well! I'll still try to keep it under control. When we got back, we kinda took a really long nap and now we're doing laundry and watching more episodes of Grey's. We're kinda obsessed with this show.



burgers & beauty supplies

Today I didn't do much as usual, but when dinner time rolled around Jeff was craving steak so we decided to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse. When we got there, we saw there was a Five Guys, which we've never tried before, so we ate there instead. It was a good burger, but nothing phenomenal.

After, I stopped buy Sally Beauty and just picked up a couple random things. Technically I wasn't breaking my spending freeze because Jeff bought them for me, hehe. I got the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque that I've always wanted to try, and China Glaze's Nail Lacquer in For Audrey, a Tiffany Blue color.

Well, I'm going to bed early tonight!


hello again

I've been neglecting this blog for far too long, as I've stated many times before. But this blog is my baby; it's the first blog I've ever been serious with! So again, I will try to blog more here. I just feel like this blog is more personal to me, and there isn't anything much going on in my life other than school, work, etc.

You'' here from me soon, promise!




Mondays aren't so bad when you don't have class! Or even better, when you're on spring break! I thought I still had to do work for my online classes, so it was kind of like meh, but then I double-checked and yay!

So Jeff and I have completely backward sleeping schedule, it seems. Like, instead of waking up at 6 AM and then sleeping at midnight, we wake up at 6 PM and end up sleeping at noon! Yikes...

After eating dinner and then watching a movie, he spent the whole night playing video games, and I, on the computer and catching up on my shows. When 8 AM finally rolled around, we decided to go to the shopping center nearby. At Target, we picked up some orange juice and random food, and I bought the e.l.f. blush/bronzer I wanted! I didn't know that Target had e.l.f. so I was happy that I didn't have to buy it online and pay more for the shipping than the product. Also stopped by Best Buy for a new charger for my laptop, and Barnes & Noble for a new magazine! Then we had lunch at Panera, and then went to sleep.

We can't do it again tonight thought cause Jeff has a paper to do! Haha.


sabo skirt

Ladies, a new online shop has hit the fashion world. It goes by the name of SABO SKIRT and is run by the two girls from the SABO SKIRT blog. To start shopping go to www.saboskirt.com, and to check out their blog visit www.saboskirt.blogspot.com - Repost this as well as the photograph for a chance to win a $200.00 Gift Voucher at SHOP SABO SKIRT!


recent beauty buys

I'm too lazy to try and make these photos decent-looking, so you'll have to bear with my crappy photography. These are from a couple weeks ago but I just thought I should put some effort into keeping this blog up! I've wanted to order a couple things from e.l.f. for a while now, but I'm stingy with shipping. Then they had $2 shipping for a day and I went for it. Bought their High Definition Powder, Complexion Perfection, Stipple Brush, and Powder Brush. The powders are good for their price, $6 and $3 respectively. The brushes I really like and they were only $3 each! And of course, I finally got my hands on the NAKED palette! Once I got the email that they restocked it online I bought it immediately. Now they're sold out again, haha~


monster ball

As if I could love Lady Gaga anymore, her concert was absolutely amazing! When Jeff and I first saw her two years ago, she was all about glitter and bubbles. Now she's all bloody and scantily-clothed, but still full of energy and passion! I didn't take too many photos cause I didn't bring my camera, and my iPhone didn't do so well in the dark. Jeff did record practically every song though. We were really happy that she sang all our old favorites from The Fame, as well as songs we liked from The Fame Monster, and then her newest Born This Way. I wish the stage and her costumes were more extravagant though :)


It's been a while yet again...but I'm just so unmotivated these days! Today was pretty fun though so I'll blog about it here :)

A couple weeks ago I bought a Groupon for American Apparel, $50 for $100 at their outlet store! So I dragged my boyfriend there and I got a few things. Would have liked walking around some other stores but it was so windy...basically just drove 40 minutes for American Apparel. Haha!

Jeff remembered it was Restaurant Week, so he decided to look up some good restaurants. We ended up choosing this French place, called Aquitane. We kinda played it safe and both had steak, as well as some shrimp bisque and mussels. Pretty yummy, but nothing extraordinary.

Afterwards we decided to go see a movie since it was right there, and so we saw The Fighter. It's a little old, so there was only 6 of us in the theater. Not to mention it was a Monday night. I like seeing movies that are based in Massachusetts! But it was a good movie too.

The restaurant and theater was at this plaza that we've never been to, and it was really nice! We have plans to go back when it's nicer, because I hate walking around in the cold. But tomorrow...LADY GAGA CONCERT! I'll write about that tomorrow (hopefully), but for now I have to do my essay. BOO!