It's been a while yet again...but I'm just so unmotivated these days! Today was pretty fun though so I'll blog about it here :)

A couple weeks ago I bought a Groupon for American Apparel, $50 for $100 at their outlet store! So I dragged my boyfriend there and I got a few things. Would have liked walking around some other stores but it was so windy...basically just drove 40 minutes for American Apparel. Haha!

Jeff remembered it was Restaurant Week, so he decided to look up some good restaurants. We ended up choosing this French place, called Aquitane. We kinda played it safe and both had steak, as well as some shrimp bisque and mussels. Pretty yummy, but nothing extraordinary.

Afterwards we decided to go see a movie since it was right there, and so we saw The Fighter. It's a little old, so there was only 6 of us in the theater. Not to mention it was a Monday night. I like seeing movies that are based in Massachusetts! But it was a good movie too.

The restaurant and theater was at this plaza that we've never been to, and it was really nice! We have plans to go back when it's nicer, because I hate walking around in the cold. But tomorrow...LADY GAGA CONCERT! I'll write about that tomorrow (hopefully), but for now I have to do my essay. BOO!

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  1. I've been to aquataine in the south end. that was a better location!


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