I will leave you readers with these photos for now, since I probably won't get to blog about my Halloweekend until Sunday evening or so.

My weekend will consist of parties & haunted houses.
What will you do to celebrate this holiday?


photos - the girl who tamed the tiger & tFS


fields of gold

Another one of those editorials that seem to keep getting passed around from blog to blog.
But who can blame them?
Daria is breath-taking.
Now I really need to pick up the Vogue Nippon.
And I really have to do my homework.


photos - tFS

a piece of work

I need this, it's perfect~


photo - jennifer ramos


gq japan

Awww. Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata.
Some behind-the-scenes shots on her blog.
Still can't beat Julia & Stephen though.


bye bye blondie

Daul's editorial from the new Russh Australia! Probably the last time we'll see her blonde, sadly.


photos - tFS


cat in a bottle

Hello Kitty bottled water?
I would totally buy this.


photo - 8tokyo

wake-up call

I need to be slapped in the face, seriously.
It's like halfway through the first semester and I am not doing so hot.

Japanese is still somewhat of a struggle for me.
I got back my history midterm today and I thought I did well. Think again.
Writing essays is always a thumbs down.
And I've been doing pretty good in stats, but it's getting a little more complicated...

I admit that a lot of this is my own fault.
I don't do all of my reading and I certainly don't study the allotted time I should.

Blogs, you are going to be the death of me, as much as I love you.


photo - the cobra snake



I love how Japanese magazines come out so much quicker than all the other magazines.
The December issues I've seen so far are calling me to buy them.
But I shouldn't.
But should I?

I always buy ViVi so of course.

The Pinky has a cute pouch...and it's one of their last issues!

It's rare for me to buy Vogue Nippon, but Sasha is fabulous.

I don't really like the style of JJ as much, but it's Rinka!



"listen boy, my first love story..."

Did you know it's been 500 days since we first started dating?
You still make me smile like you did more than a year ago.
I love you more than anything, Jeffrey!


the long haul

Can you see why she's my favorite model?
Julia Stegner, you are amazing.
Definitely need to pick this issue up.

And if you didn't realize, my new header is from this editorial :D


photos - tFS



If you are reading this...
Do me a favor and pick up your phone, like the girl above is doing.
Please and thank you.


open spaces

The best thing about being in college in my opinion?
Being able to walk outside between classes and take a breath of fresh air.
College must suck if I think that's the best thing!

I kinda miss high school though, truthfully.
Just kinda.


photo - jak & jil

shake it like a polaroid picture

It'd be pretty cool to cover my wall with Polaroids. There's something ethereal & eerie about them to me. My dad gave me his old camera a while ago, but I never used it. I actually think it's in my attic somewhere, along with all my other junk. Maybe I'll go dig it up when I visit home.

And I love that model's hair. It makes me want to grow mine out. Remember how I said I was getting a haircut months ago? Never happened. My hair is still full of split ends.


photo - knight cat



You may have noticed my blog looks a bit different lately.
I'm trying to give it more...pizazz.
And I'm trying to have better posts. Less complaining, haha.

Cause someone said my blog sucks.


en pointe

I've been enthralled by all things ballet recently.
I'm thinking about taking a ballet class next semester, but I'm afraid it will be hard to learn at an older age...
Marc Jacobs said his Spring 2010 collection was partly inspired by the ballet.
And I'm really into those studded ballet shoes.


photos - michael seamans, style & bona drag


whole lotta rosie

Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley is quickly becoming one of my favorite models.
Some of her recent stuff!


photos - tFS


she's back!

I totally forgot that It's On with Alexa Chung was back and airing at a new time today. I could have easily came back from class (which ends at 3) and caught it at 3:30!

Just wait for tomorrow...


EDIT: The super talented Danny Roberts just posted up his latest artwork, the Harper's Bazaar UK issue with Alexa Chung on the cover. How fitting for my post!


Outfit + hair + Starbucks =




wedding bells

This weekend, Jeff's sister got married!! In preparation of traditional wedding festivities, we slept over Thursday night. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning because the ladies were getting their makeup & hair done at 6!! So they did that and slowly the sun came up and everyone got ready for the morning tea ceremony. After the ceremony and lunch, Jeff and I just passed out until we had to go to the reception.

The wedding banquet was at China Pearl. The food was good and people were having a good time. But Jeff and I had to catch the last train back to Worcester so we left before it was all over. We brought a lot of the food back though hehe.

Saturday consisted of sleeping in, watching Fracture & Nip|Tuck, eating yummy leftovers, ordering more food, and going to a friend's "hipster douchebag" party. It was all good cause I love just lounging around.

Today is Sunday. It was snowing in Worcester and also a bit in Boston. I stopped by another wedding reception my mom was attending before coming back to BU. I have a Japanese chapter test I have to study for...boo.

Why can't it be the weekend forever?


P.S. I'll add more photos later...possibly



Just thought I'd do this fun little tag I found:

A shoe I want - Yves Saint Laurent Tributes

A face I admire - Namie Amuro

A bag I love - Givency Nightingale

I neeeeeeed that bag.



pop art

Georgia May Jagger. I temporarily forgot which magazine this came from.

The colors are so bright, they make my eyes hurt. I should stick it on my wall to wake me up in the morning.


photo - tFS


meet me at the hotel

This long weekend was one of Jeff's friend's 20th birthday celebration. Here's how it went down...

First thing was karaoke. We discovered that Korean people are really into it, more than any of the other Asians. Terence, the birthday boy, invited a whole bunch of people. We had the party room at Do Re Mi, the karaoke place, and he opened the vending machine for us so we could have any
drink we wanted!

After a couple hours of singing, we headed over the Shabu-Zen for a hot pot dinner. We were a bit late for our reservation, so we had to wait for people to clear out of our tables since there were about 30 of us!! Everyone chipped in a little bit but Terence paid for the rest. He's such a nice guy and told us to order as much as we wanted, so we didn't hold back. I love hot pot.

[Some people were cut off...no thanks to the waitress]

The last installment of the night was the cliche hotel party. Terence got a room for the night at the Harborside Inn, and for the rest of the night, people were in & out of the room. They played drinking games, but I don't drink. It was entertaining though. One kid kept puking the whole night and passed out on the bathroom floor. Two people making out in the middle of the night mistakened each other for someone's foot. And one kid everybody just wanted to kill. Good thing I secured a spot early on in the night on the bed, so I had a comfortable place to sleep.

The morning after, everyone dispersed and some of us went to eat dim sum. Then, Jeff and
I went to the Oktoberfest fair happening in Harvard Square, and we did a little shopping. I bought a cute romper from Urban Outfitters and we got matching toothbrush holders and slippers from Kofuku Shop. Yay!

[We got a picture with a WILD THING]

We headed back to Clark late that night and finally got a good night's sleep. Today we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant before I came back to BU to work.

I realize that I need to get out of this room. Meaning, move out. It's just not fun.



eau de parfum

Daria Werbowy for Lancome Hypnose Senses

Kate Moss for Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

I was flipping through a new magazine and fell in love with these two new fragrance ads.

Daria & Kate are just gorgeousssss.