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This long weekend was one of Jeff's friend's 20th birthday celebration. Here's how it went down...

First thing was karaoke. We discovered that Korean people are really into it, more than any of the other Asians. Terence, the birthday boy, invited a whole bunch of people. We had the party room at Do Re Mi, the karaoke place, and he opened the vending machine for us so we could have any
drink we wanted!

After a couple hours of singing, we headed over the Shabu-Zen for a hot pot dinner. We were a bit late for our reservation, so we had to wait for people to clear out of our tables since there were about 30 of us!! Everyone chipped in a little bit but Terence paid for the rest. He's such a nice guy and told us to order as much as we wanted, so we didn't hold back. I love hot pot.

[Some people were cut off...no thanks to the waitress]

The last installment of the night was the cliche hotel party. Terence got a room for the night at the Harborside Inn, and for the rest of the night, people were in & out of the room. They played drinking games, but I don't drink. It was entertaining though. One kid kept puking the whole night and passed out on the bathroom floor. Two people making out in the middle of the night mistakened each other for someone's foot. And one kid everybody just wanted to kill. Good thing I secured a spot early on in the night on the bed, so I had a comfortable place to sleep.

The morning after, everyone dispersed and some of us went to eat dim sum. Then, Jeff and
I went to the Oktoberfest fair happening in Harvard Square, and we did a little shopping. I bought a cute romper from Urban Outfitters and we got matching toothbrush holders and slippers from Kofuku Shop. Yay!

[We got a picture with a WILD THING]

We headed back to Clark late that night and finally got a good night's sleep. Today we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant before I came back to BU to work.

I realize that I need to get out of this room. Meaning, move out. It's just not fun.


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  1. Omgggg, those slippers are so ADORABLE!

    was Do Re Mi good? I always wanted to go there but some people say it's crappy..


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