wedding bells

This weekend, Jeff's sister got married!! In preparation of traditional wedding festivities, we slept over Thursday night. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning because the ladies were getting their makeup & hair done at 6!! So they did that and slowly the sun came up and everyone got ready for the morning tea ceremony. After the ceremony and lunch, Jeff and I just passed out until we had to go to the reception.

The wedding banquet was at China Pearl. The food was good and people were having a good time. But Jeff and I had to catch the last train back to Worcester so we left before it was all over. We brought a lot of the food back though hehe.

Saturday consisted of sleeping in, watching Fracture & Nip|Tuck, eating yummy leftovers, ordering more food, and going to a friend's "hipster douchebag" party. It was all good cause I love just lounging around.

Today is Sunday. It was snowing in Worcester and also a bit in Boston. I stopped by another wedding reception my mom was attending before coming back to BU. I have a Japanese chapter test I have to study for...boo.

Why can't it be the weekend forever?


P.S. I'll add more photos later...possibly

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