we don't like yellow cab

I forgot to bring my camera along with me to Clark this weekend. Oh well...but no personal photos.

In short:

Friday. Got out of class. Train to South Station. Commuter Rail to Union Station. Taxi cab to Clark. Dinner in dining hall. Chill. Guitar Hero & Wii. "Euphoria" dance. Gross sweaty-ness. Bad music. Call it a night.
Saturday. Woke up super late. Lunch. Laundry. TV. Homework. All cause of the rain.
Sunday. Late morning again. Brunch at Acoustic Java. Packing up. Lounging around. Accompanied Jeff to help set up for Moon Festival Dinner. Did some studying. Helped serve food. Watch performances. Ate food. Helped clean up. Taxi back to Union Station. Change of plans. Jeff drives me back home. Time with family. More studying. Night.

I was practically late to Japanese this morning. Thank goodness she let me take the quiz. I studied super hard for it, and I think I aced it!


photo - cobra snake

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  1. Mannn, is the acoustic java good? I always wanna go there but I just never do..


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