recent beauty buys

I'm too lazy to try and make these photos decent-looking, so you'll have to bear with my crappy photography. These are from a couple weeks ago but I just thought I should put some effort into keeping this blog up! I've wanted to order a couple things from e.l.f. for a while now, but I'm stingy with shipping. Then they had $2 shipping for a day and I went for it. Bought their High Definition Powder, Complexion Perfection, Stipple Brush, and Powder Brush. The powders are good for their price, $6 and $3 respectively. The brushes I really like and they were only $3 each! And of course, I finally got my hands on the NAKED palette! Once I got the email that they restocked it online I bought it immediately. Now they're sold out again, haha~

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