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The sun is starting to shine here in Boston, and that makes me oh-so-happy! However, according to weather forecasters, it's going to snow on Friday. Seriously?

Today was enjoyable, though I wished I had more time to shop. Before my annoyingly-scheduled 6 PM class, Jeff and I stopped by the mall for a quick dinner (?) and just enough time to peruse a couple stores. I actually didn't plan on eating until after class, so I bought a drink and mini doughnut. But then Jeff needed to eat too, so I ate a chicken sandwich from a new food court place that opened. Isn't the doughnut adorable? Looks can deceive though; it was the nastiest doughnut I've ever tasted. Thanks a lot, Starbucks.

I was tempted to skip class so I could shop more thoroughly, but I was only able to skim H&M. I did purchase something though, a maxi dress! I have another one by them I haven't worn yet, but I just find maxi dresses awesome. This one is super comfy and just the right length for my 5'3" frame. I'm considering going back to get a couple more because there were other designs I was trying to choose from. But I don't like having the same clothing items in different colors/prints, you know? Such a steal at $13 though!

Can you tell I'm trying with Blogger?
I even redid my layout, even though it's still at a amateur level.


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