a shoe obsession

So most recently, I've become enthralled by these shoes: gladiator wedges.

The originals were by Balenciaga, and were a big hit. But unfortunately they are not in my price range at over $1,000.

Balenciaga black gladiator wedge sandals Lindsay Lohan 2009 by Nemova.
[The Balenciagas on Lindsay Lohan]

Thankfully, some more affordable lines have come up with similar styles...

[Forever 21]

[Nine West]

The Nine West look more similar to the Balenciaga. But I can't decide if I want to just buy the Forever 21 pair, or shell out the extra bucks for the nicer Nine West ones. Suggestions?


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  1. i think that the f21 pair definetly looks nicer... maybe it is because i like gold stuff lately, but it's taller too.
    but the quality is also a factor. sometimes shoes that are not so expensive could smell bad after a while, so i usually spend more money for something that wouldn't.
    but since this is like.. open-toed shoes... i guess that wouldn't really matter. :] f21 pair!


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