If anyone is a subscriber on Xanga/YouTube for Michelle Phan, or better known as RiceBunny, you know she's coming out with her skincare line, iQQU, very soon (TOMORROW).

[The packaging is adorably chic]

I was ecstatic when I found out several months ago, because I love her makeup tutorials. I wouldn't wear all the looks she creates, but they're really fun to watch. Plus, I'm kinda biased toward anyone Asian.

[A look from her tutorial "Hippie Princess"]

But I don't know if I'll be buying her products, since my skin is sensitive to anything sunscreen and all the products she's advertised contain SPF. I'll just have to see what she has to offer!

She's launching the line on her birthday [04/11], which I think is very clever and special.

Michelle, you're awesome.


RiceBunny [xanga]
MichellePhan [youtube]

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