only in new york

I'm baaack!! Anyone miss me?

[Surprisingly, I packed light]

WARNING: A lot more boring than it sounds.

Friday morning, we had a late start because of some problems. We were slightly late for the choir performances but they still performed. The rest of us orchestra/band people sat there in the sanctuary and watched.

[Our concert choir performing]

After, we walked around the Greenwich Village area for a while and got dinner. We were in large groups, so it was really complicated deciding on a place to eat. I don't want to go to NYC and eat at SUBWAY. So I ended up getting some pizza.

I was disappointed we didn't get to see a Broadway musical this year. Instead, they got tickets for STOMP. You know, the group that makes music out of trash cans and kitchen sinks? It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I would still have rather seen a musical.

[Outside the Orpheum Theatre]

We had to wake up especially early the next morning because our own performances were the first of the day. There wasn't even time to get breakfast!! We performed for full orchestra first, grabbed breakfast at a nearby shop, and then performed as the string ensemble. I think we did well, but not excellent.

The plan for that day was to go to Liberty Island & Ellis Island. BAD IDEA. The weather was not to my liking at all that day. It wasn't raining, but it was not sunny and the wind was so strong. Probably the first time I can actually say I was almost blown over, legit. And I forgot my jacket in the hotel room, so it was freezing. Thankfully a friend lent me an extra sweatshirt she had. It made me grumpy and my hair a mess.

[Statue of Liberty]

Afterwards, we headed back to the Riverside Church for the Awards Ceremony. We ended up getting a silver medal for all of the groups. Not too bad, but we got a gold last time. There's a dinner dance cruise type thing they hold for all the students and teachers on the Hudson/East River. The dinner was mediocre, and dancing was fun but it got old fast. My feet and legs still hurt.

[Me & Rachel]

Sunday morning we got to sleep in. After we checked out of the hotel we headed to the Museum of Modern Art. Museums aren't my favorite, but modern art is okay. Except for the empty white paintings that made me go WHAT? This is art? We walked around Times Square for a bit, but the group never wants to look at interesting stuff. At least it was a lot sunnier that day.

[Favorite art piece - an egg table]

[New York City!]

Yes, so I'm home now. I have so much work to do this week, since the term is closing. I'm so screwed tomorrow. I might have to pull an all-nighter.

Ugh, headache.


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  1. aww it looks like you had lots of fun in ny n___n
    i really always wanted to go see greenwich village :O! someday someday


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