a series of unfortunate events

This sucks. I went to Kotobukiya today, looking forward to getting my new magazines before they closed for good. But, they decided not to restock all of their magazines so there was absolutely nothing to buy. It was such a waste of a trip...

Then I figured that I could just order them online from my trusty Royal Quartz. But then what? I log onto find that they didn't have that issue of ViVi anymore!! How shitty. I requested it but this means I have to wait longer to read them. It makes me terribly sad.

I got some good news today though! I got a letter from my high school and found out that I'm going to be inducted into Cum Laude!! I was hoping that I would be, but I didn't have too high hopes because the ranks were set after the first semester. But not inductions I guess? I'm excited though because after my GPA kept fluctuating throughout the years, I finally get more than a 4.0 again!!

Vacation's coming to a close soon. But I can say it was a worthwhile vacation. It'll be better if my mom lifts the ban off seeing Jeff this weekend. She's never serious though...hopefully!


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  1. haha! OMG we were both there today. such a coincidence! i just got home and wrote about it on my xanga xD LOL and then i came here and we wrote about similar things~ thats so cool!! <3

    but oh oh, yeah :[ so sad >_< since they are closing, now i won't be reading anymore of those magazines i guess... online subscription is probably very expensive since those books are so heavy D: i dont know of any other places in boston that sells them :o that is so sad..

    congrats on cum laude!!


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