shopping is summer lovin'

The past week, I've been out and about at all the malls with Jeff to pass the time. That's what you do when the weather isn't good enough to be outside! Today, Jeff had an orientation for his new job at the mall so I went along with him. It was at Copley, even though he won't be working at that particular store.

Believe it or not, I've never shopped alone before. It seemed a little intimidating. But it was actually beneficial cause I didn't have to worry about spending too much time somewhere or dragging someone around. And I actually purchased a couple things. I'm known to be very hesitant to buy things unless I really NEED to have it.

I bought two things at J. Crew: a coral chiffony dress & a white canvas bag. They were both on sale and I really like them so I thought, what the hell? And I'm glad to say I'm very happy about them.

[The photo doesn't do them justice]

It was a bad idea to wear my wedges to go shopping, cause now I have some very painful blisters. But it's all good. After I browsed around some more, I just decided to sit down at Barnes & Nobles with various magazines. There were no seats left at the Starbucks or random chairs, so I sat in the children's play area. Haha.

[Catching up on my magazines]

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go eat dim sum with my mom and sign up for driving classes. Whoopee.


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